I cabin was almost nervous like most people

I can remember, I can remember everything, when it all started up until here, where it ends.I remember the last time I would say goodbye to my family. “Where are you going daddy? Are you going to space again?”. The innocence on a curious 6 year old’s face was the most adorable thing to me, knowing that whatever happened outside their field of view didn’t matter to them, they would just carry on with their life. “You know that’s not allowed anymore. I’m just going to go help some friends.” I replied with a half fake smile. My heart desperately tried to cling onto me as it was pulled to the ground when I saw the the teardrops trickling down Amelia’s jade eyes. My smile melted into a look of contrition. Amelia was greatest person I had ever met. Her kindness was contagious, her intelligence matched by her beauty. That night I had a choice, to keep a perfect life, or to try to change the future of a blinded civilization. The piercing silence of the night begged me not to go. “I’ve done this before,” I told myself, “I’ll come back.”.I remember boarding the rocket that brought me here. “Humans were supposed to go to Mars by 2030,” Profesor Herman sighed, looking upon the spacecraft with the word ‘Hope’ vertically printed in blue. “We’re 160 years late.” he said, followed by a chuckle and wide smile. “You should go.”. As the sirens marked my time to board the ship, I saw you, Star. You had gone with me on my previous flight so you knew what it was like. You weren’t scared or underground facility as the roof split open over the ship, the cold metal hatch trying to stop me from going, trying to resist as my arms grappled the wheel pushing it to a close. The cabin was almost nervous like most people would have been. I remember the hot dry air that rushed into the completely white, with just three grey leather-like seats in the middle. I remember how quiet you were when the hatch closed, a soothing silence set upon the cabin. The journey was meant to be easy. They would control everything from the ground, all we had to do was get to Mars in one piece.Then it rained. We could hear the raindrops hitting the surface of the rocket, we could hear the thunder. You were scared, the storm terrified you. You were never scared of storms or never said much, but this time, you were scared. Once securely in our seats and I told them we were ready the countdown began but over the radio it didn’t sound like it was raining. There were terrifying screams and I heard the professor’s voice. “They’re here!” he exclaimed in desperation, bullets echoing behind him, people yelling and screaming. Baerly seconds later, Hope took off, leaving me no to time even think. I thought we were gonna die, but we managed to get away in time. They hadn’t caused critical damage to Hope, so we flew up. I remember seeing all the buildings perfectly uniform and all aligned like crops in field. It was all just rows and columns of the same buildings for as far as you could see. “What are we supposed to do now?” I thought to myself. Almost everything was supposed to be done from the ground, how was i supposed to land? How was I going to get back to Earth? I didn’t know what to think. I knew we had made it out, but our whole team on Earth was probably gone and without them this whole journey would be impossible. How were we supposed to get to the Mars and complete the mission? We couldn’t do this on our own, we would be all alone, in space with no one to help us, no one would even know we were there.We tried to make the most of the time we had on the rocket, we waited as our supplies slowly depleted. The five months we spent on that ship were the longest of my life. We were lucky to have had enough food for 2 years, otherwise we wouldn’t have survived so long. I missed my family, I missed the emerald trees one behind the other at the park as if they were all waiting in line for something. The beautiful bright blue sky with the blazing sun shining onto all the little children playing at the playground. But at least I had you. You were always fun to be around, quiet yet loving. I still missed my family though. “Amelia probably thinks I’m  dead by now,” I told myself. “and Adam is probably wondering where his dad is. But soon they will forget me, and no one will remember us.” I started to not care anymore, about anything. You were the only thing keeping me half sane. But then we got a call. I remember how excited you were to hear Professor Herman when he called the radio. He had escaped the government and found a new place where he could communicate with us. We had a chance to finally finish the mission and get back home. He was glad we were still alive and that we were still sane.I surprised to hear what the Professor’s new mission plan was. We were supposed to take a picture of the Earth from the Moon; how crazy was that? He said that it would “inspire” the people on Earth so that they would rebel against the government, that things would turn back to how they were. I thought it was stupid and frankly unthinkable. He said that the picture would give another perspective of the world to the people on Earth which would lead to people asking the government, “Why can’t we get of this planet?”, it seemed a bit far fetched to me but I trusted him and he sounded like he knew what he was doing. It was like he had a secret weapon to go with the photo that would just make all of our problems go away. I wasn’t sure how he was going to do it, but I trusted he would find a way to turn the people against the government, they have limited our civilization’s advancement just so they didn’t lose control over us. They are killing the future of an entire species. Once the Professor had given me the files to 3D print the space camera and it finished printing, autopilot put us on a trajectory to the moon. The scene was baffling. The Earth was aquamarine blue, the bottom half of it completely black with rows and columns of lights on the mainland.  And then you smelled something, you warned me but I just thought you were excited to see the Earth, I should have paid more attention. Then I saw the smoke, but it was to late, it is my fault that we are here now, I was to happy and excited to pay attention, we are here now because of me.Now we are here. Where it ends. Shrapnel everywhere. The explosion tore the ship apart, but I still managed to grab hold of you before it happened. As soon as I heard the sound my instincts kicked in and I went to grab hold of you. Now we are here, where it ends, and you are here, lifeless in my arms, floating away in space. Now I am here, trying to talk to a dead dog while floating in space. It doesn’t matter anymore, what happens, but i can still take a picture from here. I hope the Professor receives it, and that he manages to save the world with this picture. I might as well try to do something now, even though the people on Earth won’t care, it doesn’t matter to me now or you. It doesn’t matter what i remember now. I won’t miss my family anymore. I won’t miss the Earth anymore. There will be nothing to miss because I won’t be here for long now.


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