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I don’t think we that should punish young children with disabilities the same way we would punish other children. If you continue to punish a child with a disability and you don’t fully understand what is wrong or what is upsetting them you could make their behavior worse. In the video the woman describes that as the caregiver you have to take yourself out of the situation and explain that young child that you don’t like what they are doing that is not expectable and you explain to them why. So, talk with that child about other options on how to prevent that from happening again. For instance, the video of the child being handcuffed, I don’t see how that helped that child at all. He was screaming and crying it could’ve done more damage than good. I talked about Piaget’s Cognitive Theory and I think this topic goes well with Stage Three: Concrete Operations. In this stage the child uses their brain and starts think of reasons for specific information for a situation. When you punish the child and ask them what they can do better the next time they are using logic to better the situation.   Personally, I don’t think that physical restraints or seclusions should be used expect for a situation where the child’s behavior poses danger to self or others. For example, if your student brings a gun to school or is fighting another student then it would be okay. If you do have to use physical restraints or seclusion it needs to be done by trained personnel. If you are not trained you could hurt the child and face losing your job. I understand using these techniques if someone is in danger but it should not be used for punishment or discipline. If you use these techniques for punishment I almost feel like it is abusive. For example, you should not use these techniques because a child didn’t follow the instructions. By putting a child in seclusion or restraining them I think it could hurt them physically, mentally, and emotionally. The child won’t want to come to school and the child could lose all respect for you as their teacher/caregiver.  


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