I help the team grow and respect one

I submit this
letter for your consideration, by expressing my interest, to become a member of
the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated.   I am driven to encourage young men and women to
achieve their goals, serve as positive role models, and introduce them to many
possibilities in life.   Their motivation to succeed can be attainable
through hard work, determination, and respect towards others as well as
themselves.  I want to be the guiding
light, assisting in setting the groundwork for other young men and women, for
them to can take with them and expression their goals and ambitions around the
world, making a significant impact on other individuals lives.

During my youth,
I played soccer in numerous leagues and levels consisting of inter city, county
and travel, in the Richmond Parks and Recreation intercity league.  Once when I was named team captain by my team
members and coaches, I was able to utilize my previous training and experiences
learned from soccer to help the team grow and respect one another and we were
able to win multiple championships. I was fortunate to travel to Europe with
the People to People Ambassador Sports program with the opportunity to play
soccer at the international level.  I
have had the opportunity to share different styles and methods teaching younger
kids discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship and how to have fun without drugs or violence.

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While attending
Virginia State University, during spring break, I volunteered at various high
schools assisting instructors at small band camp workshops.  Prior to graduation from Virginia State
University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice, I volunteered
at J.E.B Stuart Elementary School, assisting the music teacher providing
musically incline knowledge to the children as well as serving as a positive
role model. Being a mentor to those young children was an enlightening experience
and reminded me of my previous mentoring opportunities. It reinforced the
importance of being a role model.  I
truly believe my professional and social characteristics will be beneficial to
provide a positive influence in your great fraternity. Working hard to maintain
the reputation and exceed the standards set by your organization and previous
membership is paramount in my mind.  Through
leadership qualities and willingness to participate in numerous volunteer
activities would be a valuable asset to the fraternity.

 I want to show young adults the importance in
gaining an education, even those within the juvenile justice system. Young
adults who have been placed under the supervision of the juvenile justice
system have predominantly been encountered with many educational challenges. Many
of the challenges has come from, lower education levels, major deficiencies in
reading and writing skills. Numerous younger adults, who have frequently been tangled
up and involved within the juvenile justice system, have shown significant
signs that they could be qualify for special education services. After being
release from incarceration many young adults, with no education could find it
difficult and challenging to go back to school and further their education. While
individuals are being incarcerated within the criminal justice system this
could lead to the young adult being over age with also a lack of academic
credits needed to be required to complete high school. At times young adults have
been seen to lack to the ability to look ahead in their future and at their
long-term achievements, such as a career, house, or a family. Some young adult
tend to only focus on the current day and time. I believe that I can empower
young adults, those who have been place in the juvenile justice system and
those of are not, that they are in charge of their future. That an education is
one of the greatest things at any individual can achieve.

With my
education in the criminal justice field, I am able to educate the community as
well those   previously Incarnated about important programs
such as “Rights Restoration”.   On April
22, 2016, the Commonwealth of Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe issued an administrative
command to automatically restore the voting rights to severe convicted felons
having completed prison sentence, terms of probation, or parole supervision.  In learning about this process, I have the knowledge
and ability to instruct individuals will be very beneficial in the cause
towards the National Program “A Voteless People is A Hopeless People”. My
education and experience gives me a unique approach to inform individuals
convicted of a felony that non-violent felons, including drug distribution
charges will have their voting rights automatically restored upon release from
prison, however they must apply online. By waiting at least three years, individuals
who have been convicted of violent felonies, crimes against minors, and
electoral offenses would be allowed to applying for a gubernatorial restoration
of voting rights.

Alpha Phi Alpha
Fraternity, Incorporated has made a significant impact in education, community
service, politics, mentorship, and the lives of countless individuals,
including myself. Throughout the years their legacy that these men created
continues to serve and impact the lives of thousands through programs and both
local and national initiatives. I have personally been able to see men of Alpha
Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated that hold fast to integrity, responsibility,
true brotherhood and honor. Through those actions they have established a high
bar for those seeking membership, such as myself.

Becoming a
member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated would allow me to join a
group of highly motivated and educated men wanting to give back to others while
sharing a lifelong connection with those taking pride in themselves, their fraternity,
and the community as a whole. Even through community service is a great aspect
of any organization; one other reason that I find myself drawn more toward this
fraternity than any other is the history within the fraternity.  I have a burning desire to learn all there is
to know about this great historical organization.  The members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity,
Incorporated are leaders in society, continuing to established the standards
and morals of what extraordinary, astonishing, and distinguish gentleman should
be. These are just a few of many reasons I seek to join your great fraternity.


I'm Mack!

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