I the most qualified people up the ladder

I find the most successful
companies embrace internal upward mobility because it builds a culture where
employees feel not only rewarded but valued for hard work. When you push the
most qualified people up the ladder towards specialization you allow your
organization to be strengthened by moving them into new roles where they have
the opportunity to apply their solid skillset to new challenges.

However, simply pushing people up
the ladder without taking into account the long term implications to your
organization can backfire.

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have seen IT managers (directors, VPS) give added responsibility to a good
developer making them a tech lead or even more, a team lead making their
employee frustrated and eventually quitting. So even if you think you are being
a great boss by giving people the empowerment to climb up in the organization,
they might not feel the same way and you might end up losing them because you
took them away from what they actually loved to do.

believe this to be a pitfall many IT leaders can avoid if they take a more
calculated approach.


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