I want. Since childhood I have incessantly dreamed

  I firmly believe
that change comes from inward motivation not from external factors surrounding
us. I learned that circumstances do not constitute us but we enthusiastically do
what we want. Since childhood I have incessantly dreamed of putting my mark in
this life, as I believe, I have astonishing thoughts that can make an affect
and benefit the whole world, but the best way to know how successful is your idea
and its viability is by executing  it. The
knowledge ammunition provided in this program will allow me conduct these
thoughts and bring them to reality.

2016 I have completed my
Bachelor’s degree. Originally I pursued faculty of engineering to become a
mechanical engineer. However, many experiences I had during university, and
internships led me to rethink my career path, Recognizing the impact that I can
make through entrepreneurship in my life and the community was the turning
point in my career prospects, I realized that while being an engineer is a
prestigious career path, my passion lays elsewhere, so I took stand, it`s time
to start singing a new tune in my career ,it was time for me to step out and
passionately become an entrepreneur, even it was a stunning choice for my
family and friends.  I decided to move on
doing what I enjoy and do best moreover the path which will guarantee the proof
of my long term goals.

To that aim, I took a role of developing family business
(Cars Services Centre), unfortunately, due to the poor management I found that
a lot of its potentials untapped yet, by enhancing the promotion and marketing,
reducing the expenses, managing and developing the human resources; shortly,
the results reflected obviously in the profit increment. Alongside, I worked on
developing my entrepreneurial soft & hard skills, conducting surveys to
address the market gaps, making sure to get ready for any upcoming business

Few months later, I was looking for a car to rent, the
arduous journey of search for the suitable vehicle spanned about three nights,
I realized that there is a business opportunity hiding here, an enhancement
ought to be made on this service. After assessing the market needs, April 2017,
I created a small startup making partnerships with some friends of mine and
became a Co-founder of RentX aiming to be a successful entrepreneurship that provide
a required value-added community service to benefit all concerned parties.

The idea of RentX is to provide rental dealership service
through a new way to cope with the latest developments in the business
environment, namely, electronic marketing platform (website: www.rentx.sd, and
mobile App).

During the founding phase, we did not have the ability to
hire experts, so we divided the tasks into the five-member team, which put me
in front of a lot of work and responsibilities. I had to learn as well as to
apply, step by step I taught myself the principles of preparing and developing business
models and plans emphasizing financing, marketing, and organizing.

Sweden is well known to be cradle of technological
civilization, in particular Lund University, I was fascinated by the innovation
and entrepreneurship action-based program and its prosperous record, Studying
the course could be my best chance to utilize all that I had learnt throughout
my growing and diverse experiences, furthermore, it will play a significant
role enhancing my vision even toward myself, and let me to explore my
potentials.  I am convinced that the best
way to gain Experience is by doing not by thinking or envisioning, having hands
on such blend of experience will sufficiently prepare me to achieve my career
goals, as well being in touch with wide range of experts from different
cultural and scientific backgrounds at your program will form a suitable
environment for me to share and explore new ideas, moreover it motivates
creativity and bring new prospective to the table. 


I'm Mack!

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