I will in turn aid me to deal

am applying to City University New York particularly, the John Jay College of
Criminal Justice for graduate admission in the master’s program public administration
with focus in “Public Policy and Administration.” My interest in this area was
first aroused during my undergraduate studies at Babcock University, Nigeria
where I studied Law. During my final year research project, I researched on the
topic “Constructive Trust: An Alternative Remedy to Combatting Abuse of Public
Office.” I came up with the finding that there is a lot of inefficiency and
poor service delivery in Nigeria’s public service which fails to closely work
with the masses and to serve the good and the needs of the populace. This is
due to the arbitrary use of power arising from non-legitimate possession of
political power which has resulted in the state of poor performance of the
nation’s public service. This is the core reason why I am applying for this
program because your curriculum will broaden my knowledge and also introduce me
to new areas of public policy and administration which will in turn aid me to
deal with the challenging issues in Nigeria’s public administration policy.

Law has improved my decision making ability and has also taught me to consider
alternative point of view. These skills was developed through engaging in moot
court trials and holding administration position in various student association.
At my undergraduate level, I attained a high 2.1 and a Pass in the Nigerian Law
School which has demonstrated my academic ability to study at this level. This has
prepared me to progress into this different field in public administration.

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am ardent to study Public Policy and Administration at John Jay College of
Criminal Justice because of your excellent reputation in this field. This program
has been well accredited by the National Association of Schools of Public
Affairs and Administration which is an added advantage. Your college attracts diversity
of students across the globe am I trust it will be exactly what I need to study
at my masters level in a stimulating environment.

administration prepares me for a career in public agencies and organization and
possibly researching with the Nigerian department or other public sector body to
bring that change in Nigeria’s public administration and service that I aim to



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