Ice Fili

How structurally attractive is the ice market in Russia? How is it likely to evolve
Structurally attractive segments for ice cream in Russia based on growth potential is the consumption of ice cream in households, boutique restaurants and cafes which is illustrated in Exhibit 3. At gastronomes and kiosks, there has been an over saturation of consumption which is on the go, and this has been shown in the exhibit 3. With the economy in Russia experiencing a change to an open economy from a closed one, it has resulted in such growth potential. Niche markets were not exploited, neither were there any opportunities to exploit them, when the economy was a closed one. To nurture this growth potential Russia adapted to a lifestyle similar to that of a developed open economy. Household consumption had an advantage over other segments due to its insensitivity to variations that may occur in demands based on different seasons. For example, during the winter, a sharp decline is noticed in consumption which is on the go due to the weather, as opposed to consumption in the households, which continues without experiencing any drops. In addition, household consumption, based on each purchase, would register a figure of sales which is a lot higher than the ice cream which is consumed on the go, as a result of greater volume of ice cream. As a result of greater margins of profit, there is more attraction for Ice-Fili in the segment of boutique. Furthermore, this segment will provide Ice-Fili an opportunity to take advantage of its image and brand history as a producer of Russian ice cream of a high standard.


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