Imagine, for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE), “Competing

Imagine, you are at school and the school  announcements come on. “Attention students,  teachers, and staff. We will no longer have recess because of too many safety violations.” This problem is worse than you think it is. Kids need extra recess, for many reasons. First, the  benefits for having recess are really good. Secondly, the bad effects of not having  recess are not good. Last, kids need recess because it helps them in school and at home. To start, the benefits are that, it helps every aspect of a child’s development. Also, it helps them learn better in the classroom and kids can blow off all of their steam by playing games. Plus, many people can make a lot of friends if they are new to this school or if they don’t have many friends. Even though there are good effects there are always bad effects like, Some schools and the state that the school is in are getting bad phone calls from people. For example, Nelly Torres’ children had no playground equipment. Also, Nelly teamed up with other parents and some teachers to bring recess back for good! Finally, recess can also help kids in school. Recess can make kids smarter and it can help lots of kids socialize better. Plus, kids can play really fun games inside and outside. So that all of the kids have something to look forward to after all of the time they spent in their seats and have a break from learning. Some schools say recess is a waste of important learning time. Although they are true, kids would learn more efficiently and states would get less phone calls  from angry parents if their kids don’t get recess. According to  Francesca Zavacky, project director for the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE), “Competing priorities in schools for higher test scores have resulted in physical activities of all kinds being reduced.” This supports my counter argument because it proves that kids are not getting enough time outside, by the way the worst cause of childhood obesity is lack of physical activity. In conclusion, recess helps many kids to waste all of their energy. So to sum it up, these are the three reasons why we should have more recess.


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