Imagine people being shocked to witness the pain

   Imagine a community with no desires, choices, or memories. In The Giver by Lois Lowry, the main character Jonas was selected to be the receiver of memories, which means all memories from the past were transferred to him. Considering that Jonas has all the memories, his image of the community changes. However, if everyone in the community had memories, they would also change their image of the community. The individuals in Jonas’ community should be able to carry their own memories, whether they are positive or painful memories. The first reason is if one individual carries all the memories it will deliberately kill them. In general, it depends on the person who is going to carry the memories. Some people can not carry all the pain that comes with the memories. A few people might think they are strong enough to carry all the memories. For instance, this happened to Rosemary in The Giver. “And I listened as Rosemary told them she would prefer to inject herself”(Lowry 151). In this case, Rosemary believed that she could handle all the pain. However, all the pain she got from the memories was too much for her. After awhile she made the decision to kill herself, which caused a lot of chaos. Once Rosemary was dead all the memories she had spread to every single person in the community. That lead to a lot of people being shocked to witness the pain with the memories. The second reason is that memories could influence new behavior in the person. The person with the memories will look at the world differently than the people without the memories. For example, if there were a group of children play fighting it might seem like nothing to them. However, the person with the memories look at the game differently. This scenario has happened in The Giver.”Jonas again saw the face of the boy who had lain dying on a field”(Lowry 134). When a group of children were playing a game that consisted of a pretend gun and shooting, Jonas go mad. To the group of children, they were just playing an innocent game. However, from Jonas perspective, he had flashbacks from his memory of the guy who was laying on the ground dead. If the community had their memories, they would understand that it is not a game to play “war.” The third reason is that memories are important for societies everyday life. There are life lessons that help people make choices. In the book The Giver, the Giver teaches Jonas an important lesson.”If you were to be lost in the river, Jonas, your memories would not be lost with you. Memories are forever”(lowry 144). The Giver explain to Jonas that memories are forever. That if Jonas were to be drowning in water he would die but the memories would not. Memories that he carries will go to everyone else to carry. He also explains that Jonas will need the memories to get through tough situations. Even if something were to happen to Jonas, he would still need the memories. The fourth reason is that people are not able to make choices. In general, people learn from mistakes. However, how can the people make choices if they do not have the experience that is needed? The first choice Jonas made was when he decided to take Gabriel and escape the community. “And he had taken Gabriel, too”(lowry 166). By giving up the freedom of choice, the community does live a pleasing life. However, making mistakes is how people learn.This quote proves that with the memory of choice the community does not need to depend on one person but, to depend on themselves. Jonas had the memory of making choices, that is why Jonas was able to make the decision to leave. But a person without memories can not make a choice, even if they do they are most likely the wrong choice. However, one Jonas left the community he gave the people the memory of making choices. The community would not need The Elders to make choices for them if they had memories. The fifth reason is that without memories they need The Giver to give them advice. Whenever memories are distributed to the community, they need the Giver to advise them. At any time when the community can not handle issues, they call the Giver. In the book The Giver, this issue has happened. “The community of elders sought my advice”(Lowry 111). If the Giver did not advise the community, they might end up breaking down.This quote proves this because whenever they have a problem they rely on the one person that carries the memories. It is important that there is someone there to help the community. Without the Giver they would have to suffer the memories with the pain. The Giver is the one that carries all the pain so no one in the community would know what pain feels like. If everyone carried their own memories, they would not have to suffer through all this. In conclusion, every single person in Jonas’ community should carry their own memories. As it has been stated individuals learn from past experiences. There are many reasons why memories are an important asset to a human’s life. Not only are memories important however they also give people the right to choose right or wrong. The individuals would also be wise enough to advise themselves. One of the most important traits that comes to having memories is learning new lessons every single day. They are not only lessons although they are lessons that benefit people throughout life. The community thought that the memories carry too much pain but, in reality they do not want the people to find out the truth. With or without memories, the community still suffers from pain without them knowing.


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