Imagine women instead. This is the world we

Imagine a world where men aspire to
be exceptional leaders of their country, but the downside is that no matter how
hard they work women will always make more money than them for doing the exact
same jobs. They continually have to explain to women that they aren’t attracted
to them but their response isn’t appreciated and often leads to physical or
sexual assault, and even if they use their voices to speak out against inequality
and sexual abuse they are still seen as weak in society. Now, imagine that
everything I said does happen in reality, but to women instead. This is the
world we are living in right now.

Gender inequality is the judgement
that women and men are not equal, it is also one of the major problems women
face in modern society. Gender inequality in the work place is still a matter
of concern and although women are achieving much more than the years before, the
issue of inequality in the work place still remains a problem. Numerous studies
from OECD, AAUW, and the US Department of Labour have discovered that pay rates
between males and females ranged from 5%-6.6%. This appalling statistic clearly
demonstrates that women definitely earn less than their male counterparts. Is
it really too much to ask for the same pay as your male co-worker?

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Women make up an astonishing 70% of
the world’s working hours yet they only earn half of what men earn. This has a
knock on effect to the women in developing world countries as it can lead to
serious poverty which then leads to young girls getting married to men twice
their age just so there is one less mouth to feed, there is also a financial
point to this because of dowry and bride price traditions. As a result of this
the child’s rights are being violated, how can we be so cruel to ignore the
fact that a young girl is being robbed from her childhood.

Rape culture was the term created by
feminists in the United States in the 70s. The aim of the word was to show the
many ways in which society and the media blamed the victims of sexual violence and
normalised male sexual assault. Rape culture includes jokes, words, imagery and
many more, that make sexual harassment and violence towards and against women
seem so normal. Actions commonly related with rape culture include
victim-blaming, slut-shaming, refusing to acknowledge the harm caused by some
forms of sexual violence etc. Majority of sexual assault victims are under 30
with 15% aged 12-17, 54% aged 18-34, 28% aged 35-64 and 3% aged 65+. This
statistic is staggering as it shows that victims of sexual assault are of any
age, with the under 30s being more vulnerable. Sexual violence cannot only harm
someone physically but it can also affect them emotionally and psychologically.
13% of women who are raped attempt suicide and approximately 70% of rape and
sexual assault victims experience moderate to severe distress, this percentage
is larger than for any other crime. These appalling statistics show us how rape
culture can affect people mentally and as a result woman can develop
depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and eating and sleeping disorders.
The mental health of our female population is at risk due to this.

Sexual and reproductive rights are
also one of the main reasons why we need feminism. Sexual and reproductive
rights mean you should be able to make your own decisions about your body without
being looked down upon. Some sexual and reproductive rights are: To get access
to sexual and reproductive health services (including contraception), Choose
if, when and who to marry, to decide if you want children and how many. They
also mean women’s lives should be free from all sorts of sexual violence,
including rape, forced abortion and pregnancy etc. 47,000 pregnant women die
each year because of complications from unsafe abortions and more than 14
million teenage girls give birth each year mostly because of rape and unwanted
pregnancy. These statistics are shocking; we can see the lives of so many young
women being destroyed because of these vile actions. Although some simple human
rights could lower the death rate of pregnant women that have complications due
to unsafe abortions and help young girls get their lives back on track after
pregnancy. So, what are we waiting for?

In conclusion, women till this day
still need feminism. We still need feminism because although so many women feel
like they get equal opportunities as men they still get paid less. We still
need feminism because when women are sexually assaulted they feel mortified and
embarrassed. We still need feminism because women in developing world countries
are struggling and need feminism to help them. We still need feminism because
the safety of women and young girls is at stake due to pregnancies, abortion
and rape. We all need feminism, not because we think we are better than men but
because we are humans.


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