Imagine, Your mum breaks your door open And

Imagine, yourself. Alone. Sitting in a dark room. The door is locked, and you have a sharp knife in your hand. Your hands are shaking Tears are streaming down your face As you take your last few breaths. “No one will care”, You think to yourself.You take one last glance at the note you left on your nightstand. “Goodbye”You whisper to yourself and take a trembling breathBefore you end it all.It’s 7:00 the next morning. Mum needs to wake you up and you’re already going to be late to school. She bangs on your door several times, Expecting you to answer as you usually do. 5 minutes later, and there’s still no reply. Your mum breaks your door open And finds your cold, lifeless body Surrounded by a pool of blood, seeping through the carpet. At first, she is in shock. “No, this couldn’t be” she thinks to herself. Reality seeps in. She screams, And her body collapses on to the ground as she starts to sob.Your dad rushes to your room to see what’s happening. He stops short at your open door. He sees your motionless body on the ground, Your mum is sobbing,And even though your body is as cold as ice, She is gripping it with all her strength. Tears silently stream down your dad’s face as he takes his phone out to call an ambulance. But there’s no point. you’re already gone.Your mum holds your stiff, pale hands Somehow hoping that you’ll come back to life again. Dad is trying to stay strong for mum, But he just can’t when he sees your corpse Lying lifeless on the ground.Your brother and sister are already walking to their own school. They don’t know what you’ve done yet. But it doesn’t matter because nobody cares, right?It’s around 11. People are in the middle of classes, but everyone is called to the assembly hall. Something important happened. Everyone is wondering what’s wrong. Your principal gets on the stage. She looks unusually tense. 7 minutes later, the whole school knows that you’re gone. Everyone is shocked.That boy who used to tease you? He’s now regretting his choices, and wonders if he is to blame.That girl who used to call you names? She’s crying and blames herself for your death.Some people start to cry. They are all horrifiedThey regret everything mean they’ve ever done to you,Even those who have never spoken to you before.But you still thought that nobody would care…It’s after school, and you siblings just got back home. They’re wondering where you are They see your parents sitting on the dining table with solemn looks on their faces. They see your mum shaking, tears are pouring down her face. Your parents tell your siblings what happened.No matter how many times your little sister yelled at you,She will always love you.You were her only role model, the one she looked up to. Now you’re gone, She is blaming herself.Your older brother,Is now in his room.Sobbing.He blames himself for everytime he turned you away,When all you wanted was someone to talk to.He doesn’t know what he’s going to do,Now that you’re never coming back.And you still really thought that nobody would care?It’s been 6 months since you killed yourself.Your father is dealing with severe depression, Your mother now suffers from Post Traumatic Stress DisorderYour brother now goes to a counsellorAnd your little sister?She has turned to drugs and alcohol to heal her painThe popular girl who used to call you names cries every single day, Wishing she could have had the chance to apologize for the hurtful things she said.The boy who used to tease you is still trying to deal with your death, The only reason why he ever threw stuff at you was to get your attention Do you still think that nobody would care?Death doesn’t just happen to you. It happens to everyone around you. You may think that killing yourself is the easy way out.It’s not. People care about you.Just remember that life gets better.


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