Impacts Of Interactive Childrens Programmes In Television Young People Essay

Television has become the major beginning of amusement for many families. Television screening has well increased among kids during the last four old ages. Cartoons that are dubbed to regional linguistic communications and programmes in the phantasy genre have attracted the attending of the kids. But the resent synergistic programmes made a alteration in the fantasty sketch programmes. These shows are designed to prosecute and educate kids. This has over come the impact of phantasy genre towards kids. Some of the best illustrations are Dora the adventurer, Mad, and Daddydanny that are screened in different cahnnels like Pogo, Chutti and Disney. In this survey, the research worker wants to happen out the effectivity of the synergistic programmes among kids from age 2 to 5 old ages of age and to analyse the synergistic content of kids ‘s telecasting like Chutti, Disney and Pogo.

Keywords: synergistic programmes, kids, telecasting, effectivity, impact


The electronic media, telecasting in peculiar, has proved to hold a permanent impact on the heads of the viewing audiences clip and once more. In past, many research workers have attempted to happen out the positive and negative impact of telecasting on mark audience classified on legion parametric quantities. With synergistic programmes for kids is going a popular telecasting genre in India now, it is necessary to happen out if the telecast of synergistic programmes on telecasting has any influence on the heads of kid viewing audiences. This survey would concentrate on the effectivity of the synergistic programmes on kids of Chennai.

Television can significantly act upon how kids view the universe. Some of its effects are positive. Television exposes kids to different civilizations and life styles. Many programmes are educational and entertaining. Children begin school with more cognition so kids before telecasting was a portion of mundane life. To cognize weather synergistic programmes help kids in this facet this survey is been done.

Television is frequently blamed for the sensed hapless public presentation of kids in schools ; kids did non cognize the difference phantasy and world. Therefore they are really vulnerable to programming which has unluckily become a trade good in the consumer society that we live in. Thus kids spend more clip watching telecasting than clip spent in school. This extended screening of telecasting with out control causes greater aggressiveness or negative impact says much study. But the recent synergistic programme suppliers deny that and state, “ that synergistic programmes make kids to act good and execute good at their faculty members. As this synergistic programme has become more popular in the recent yearss and developing excessively.

As the consequence of these types of shows popularity interactive games utilizing the construct of these programmes are coming up and childs are more into synergistic programmes than fantasy sketchs and the academic consequences are high with the group of kids those who watch this programmes. It besides motivates the creativeness and endowment in a kid.

The purpose of this research is to analyse the synergistic programmes in kids ‘s telecasting in South India. The aims of the survey is to analyse the synergistic content of kids ‘s telecasting like Chutti, Disney and Pogo and to happen the effectivity of these programmes among kids from 2-5 old ages of age.


For this survey, the research worker has adopted three methodological analysiss viz. Contented Analysis, Observation and In-depth interview. The parametric quantities of the content analysis are continuance of the programme, programme agenda of the channels, types of programmes in peculiar channel in a twenty-four hours, content of the peculiar programme, manner of the programme, the manner the programme is conducted, tone of the programme, how frequently the same programme is repeated, how frequently the message is repeated, characters used to ground the programe, type of advertizements in these channels, and entire continuance of advertizements.

The Purpose of ‘Observation ‘ in this survey is to cognize the effectivity of synergistic programmes on kids. To cognize in depth how do they take these programmes and how it is watched by them? This gives the research workers more inside informations that will assist in the survey. The parametric quantities of the observation are Detecting 50 kids ‘s How they react to a programme content, How long they follow the progrmme, Do they listen to the visuals and voices with full concentration, Are they distracted by anything while watching the programme, Do they follow the content of the programme, Do they discourse about the programme after watching the programme, Are they forced to watch the programme, and Do they bask the programme.

The Purpose of in-depth interview is to cognize more inside informations about the effectivity of synergistic programme on kids. Opinion of Parents, Teachers and Experts to happen the demand for synergistic programme content in kids telecasting. Parents of 2 to 5 old ages old kids, instructors of Primary school Or category, and Expert in Child Psychology is been interviewed.


The research worker has analysed the synergistic programme content telecast on Pogo, Disney, and chitti from March 30th 2008 to April 19th 2008. The research worker observed 50 respondents from 2 to 5 old ages old kids at St.Antony ‘s Matriculation Higher Secondary School Thiruvottiyur. The Children were showed Pre-Recorded synergistic programme from these channels. The research worker besides conducted in-depth interview from Parents, Teachers, and Experts in the field related to kids to happen the demand for synergistic programme content in kids telecasting.

Pogo Channel – March 30, 2008 to April 5, 2008.

The 24 hours channel has 7 hours 50 mins of synergistic programmes. The agenda of the twenty-four hours is pre programmed for 24 hours. But the effectual clip of kids watching the programme varies. Few kids watch in the forenoon and most of the kids watch in the eventide. Timings of Mad programme are Monday to Friday at 01.00 Am, 11.00 Am and 06.00 Pm.Saturday and Sunday at 10.30 Am and 05.30 Pm. The types of programmes can be differentiated as comedy, action, film, sketch and synergistic programmes. The synergistic programme in this channel is Mad. The content of the porgramme is amusement, enlightening and cognition giving.

The genre of Mad is synergistic art programme. The manner of the programme is narrative with music and information included in it.Tone is originating the motive of art and creativeness inside the children.Even Children ‘s Engagement and their work is shown during the show.Competitions are held for kids. The programme is repeated seven times a hebdomad i.e ) the old yearss programme is telecasted the following twenty-four hours. The Message along with this programme is repeated seven times a hebdomad. The Programme is done by a male ground tackle an artist/expert in art, two female ground tackles, one more male ground tackle and two kid ground tackles. They are at that place to back up the chief ground tackle to do the show more synergistic and enlightening. The Types of advertizements during this programme are advertizements for plaything from abroad, cocoas and following programmes promo, and wellness drinks.1 hr 10 mins of advertizements in nine hours of programme.

Disney channel-April 6, 2008 to April 12, 2008.

The 24 hours channel has 4 hours 40 mins of synergistic programme. The agenda of the twenty-four hours is pre programmed for 24 hours. But the effectual clip of kids watching the programme varies. Few kids watch in the forenoon and most of the kids watch in the eventide. Timings of Art Attack is Monday to Friday at 20.00 Pm One hr programme. The types of programmes can be differentiated as comedy, action, film, sketch and synergistic programmes.

The content of the porgramme is amusement, enlightening and cognition giving. The synergistic programme in this channel is Art Attack. The genre of Art onslaught is Synergistic art programme. It is an synergistic art programme that teaches kid to make or larn the art work. Tone is originating the motive of art and creativeness inside the kids with some comedy.The programme is done by a Male Anchor who is an expert in art work. This Programme is repeated one time in a hebdomad. Ads during this programme are largely ads for following programme. 2 hours 20 mins of advertizement in 7 hours programme.

Chutti Channel-April 13,2008 to April 19,2008.

The 24 hours channel has 14 hours of synergistic programme. The synergistic programme in this channel is Dora the adventurer and DaddyDanny. Timings of Dora the Explorer the Whole Week is at 03.00 Am, 11.00 AM and 03.00 Pm. Timings of DaddyDanny the whole hebdomad is at 12.30 Pm and 04.00 Pm. The content of the porgramme is amusement, enlightening and cognition giving. Visuals are used more frequently. There are diferent types of programme in this channel like Health attention, Competition, Informational and Interactive programmes.

The genre of Dora the adventurer is synergistic sketch Programme and DaddyDanny is synergistic life programme. Dora the adventurer is a narrative sort of programme. DaddyDanny is a conversation sort of programme. Tone of both the Programme is doing the kids learn from the programme. Dora is repeated 14 times a hebdomad and DaddyDanny is repeated 7 times a hebdomad. The Dora is host by two sketch characters. One is a Girl Cartoon and other is a monkey. The DaddyDanny is host by two alive characters. Ads during this programme are ads for the following show and other shows of the twenty-four hours in this cahnnel. 7 hours of advertizement in 21 hours of programme.


Participant observation is a set of research schemes which aim to derive a stopping point and confidant acquaintance with a given group of persons. Here the chosen group of persons is kids from 2 to 5 old ages old. The programmes were recorded earlier and were shown to them.

Sum of 50 Students were observed by demoing synergistic programmes from this three channels. Dora the Explorer was more keenly watched by the 2 to 3 old ages pupils who were approximately 40 % in the group. There were 20 % kids who watched the programme with out any action or reaction. Rest was Dancing, Jumping, Repeating the words that were said by the characters in the programme. 30 % of the pupils did the repeatation of the words in right beat as said in the programme. But the Pronunciation was differing between each kid. Five proceedingss after watching the programme the kids kept stating those words said in that programme. The group of kids in the age of 2 to 3 Tells the Numberss in this programme clearly. When Mad and Art Attack was shown to these 40 % kids they watched and tried to make what they conveyed but they were n’t able to follow it fastly. DaddyDanny besides had the same consequence of watching Dora the adventurer within these 40 % of kids. While Watching Daddydanny the characters are been liked by 20 % kids than what they say.

Mad and Art Attack was interestedly watched by 4 to 5 old ages kids, in that 30 % have done things like that by watching these programmes earlier. Children from 2 to 3 old ages of age group were following the words said in all Programmes. 30 % get distracted when other kids cry or make something by watching the same programme watched by the distrait kids. Even after the interruption for advertizements their concentration gets disturbed. They were non forced to watch this programme. With out coercing them half of them watched it of their ain involvement. Even in this school monthly once they show such types of programmes to kids. They were basking the programme with merriment and acquisition.

An drawn-out interview was conducted on a one-to-one footing, in which the interviewer explores a subject in considerable deepness.

When 10 Parents were interviewed:

Some parents said that their kids watch these programmes on clip and follow those words and parents excessively help them in following the words.

As in chuitti television it comes in Tamil linguistic communication there is no problem in doing them larn their female parent tounge.

Parents are able to command their telecasting observation because of these programmes.

Parents even spend acquiring them things that are used to make artwork that are said in the programme Mad and Art Attack.

They say when they do so their kids ‘s endowment is developed.

They say it became easy for them to do their kids say Numberss and words that are hard for them to articulate.

They say kids retrieve these words and good ideas as they see the ocular and learn.

Even in their schools, they show these types of porgrammes and develop them.

When 10 instructors were interviewed:

It is easy for the parents to give them developing by demoing this programme.

At times merely small rectification should be done if they follow it incorrect most of them follow it right.

Particularly Dora the adventurer is making good for the kids who are about to step into school.

Mad and Artattack brings out the endowment in kids and makes them more originative.

Alternatively of demoing kids with sketchs that are aggressive and amusing, synergistic programmes with sketchs will assist them in developing their cognition.

Children show betterment in faculty members when they are trained demoing such programmes.

Miss. VijayaLakshimi.S, Psychologist, SRM General Hospital, Ramapuram, said about the effectivity of this synergistic telecasting programme in these channels.

Childs from the age of two and a half to five are in the beginning phase of larning. This is the age, they tend to follow sounds and visuals they see and hear. At this age, we have to do them larn words, Numberss how to make certain things like stating thank you, sorry and so on.

Such types of synergistic programmes like Mad, Dora the adventurer are more accurate for them in this age to watch. Parents should assist them when they watch this progammes by steering them and promote them to make or state such good things shown or told in the programme.

Children should be given clip to take these words and Numberss so repeats of these programmes could assist them in more.

Leting them to paint, doing them larn those are good for their mental wellness. So in that manner Mad and Art onslaught Plays a good function

Even Good ideas are been taught through these programmes to the kids. Like do non make incorrectly, If done ask sorry. These Programs make the work of seniors easy and when it comes up in programme kids will listen.

No kid is born good or bad. It is the milieus and the circumstance that make them what they are. The Childs initial inclination is to copy what their parents and therefore it is indispensable for the parents to put a good illustration. Then doing their kid watch a controlled media. That is with their presence and counsel. And that excessively synergistic programmes like Dora the adventurer, Daddydanny, Mad helps kids to be free from aggressiveness, action and bad things that affect their mental wellness.

As most of the kids are passing their clip by watching telecasting. As of now controlled telecasting observation has became a must in all kids ‘s life, In that status Programmes with synergistic content like Dora the adventurer, Mad, Artattack, and DaddyDanny helps them to be good and more active in the faculty members and tenseness free for parents in doing them learn words, Numberss, bettering their creativeness and learning them good ideas. Teachers and Parents are happy as kids ‘s telecasting observation has become utile and loosen up them in many ways. Even experts are happy that the physiological job can be reduced by doing childs watch such types of programme alternatively of watching all action and amusing sketchs or programmes.


80 % of the kids responded by jumping, reiterating the words told by the characters and by basking it.

Synergistic programmes like Dora the adventurer, Mad, Artattack and Daddydanny gives more relaxed manner of telecasting observation for kids. As there is no aggressiveness in that content.

Learning linguistic communication has become easy manner as synergistic programme comes in both regional and western linguistic communication. It besides tells words in a manner that kids can follow the characters stating.

Parents are happy in doing their kids watch such typoe of programmes.

Schools use these synergistic programmes for doing kids learn things like words, Numberss, and to develop their creativeness.

Childs like the manner all synergistic programme is presented and the character used for the presentation.

Ocular manner of instruction has more effectivity on kids than the normal category room instruction.


Synergistic programme has merely entered the Indian tendency ; more of these sorts of programme will assist kids to do their clip spend in telecasting gainful. This can be done merely with regular counsel from parents and instructors. Development in such progammes will do the mental wellness of the kids energetic and active. These synergistic programmes should come in all regional linguistic communications so that kids can larn their female parent lingua easier. In programmes like Mad and Artattack more excess activities for kids should be added so that kids will follow those activities that make them healthy.


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