IMPORTANCE The people and the environment is important


Organization culture is very important for an organization because of the following benefits it provides:

This study is to analyze that to be considered to be the part of the organizational culture that has an impact on the employee’s job performance.

This study is important to serve as an indicator to understand the perception of employees about their work, compensation, rewards and recognition and also for the job performance improvement. The research aims to give suggestions identify the difference in perception and satisfaction among employees of different demographic characteristics and their expectations in the organization.

According to Hofstede (1980) the culture has different dimensions which will affect the behavior and practices.

Power distance
Uncertainty avoidance
Short term


It’s the willingness of positivity to be vulnerable based upon expectations of intentions. Which will engage the employees in organizational goals and purpose and this will make the organization a better place for the employees.

Collective felt trust is the employees working together in a organization comes with a creative idea of extent the to happen in the organization which are trusted by the management.


It’s the employee’s belief which they shared by accepting the importance of responsibility for organization outcomes.


In this it’s a employee centered organization which will allow the employees to show any of their creative talents and performance to the management and the management will allow the changes and encourage the employees for the change. They will have the high level of communication among all the stakeholders groups and openness towards the change. This will reduce the fear of employees working in the organization to come up with any kind of projects and they will be getting motivated to work together and more efficiently.


The people and the environment is important for the organization which will reflect on the organizational goals. The support system helps to shape the employee and will include all the communications, policies and procedures symbols and training for the organization.

They consist of mainly HR and admin department who will work on the improvement by interacting with the employees they will bring the organization a good and peaceful environment.


The organization core ideologies may rarely change, many of the leading companies will always change without changing the core ideas and principals. Change is important in high performing organization but the employees should adapt the change which has brought to the organization.

The important aspects of managing change:

·         Listening and taking employees feedback

·         Setting high standards and by communicating it to employees properly

·         Making a difference to the society

·         Respect and trust the employees




This performance is very important which is related to the profit or nonprofit in the organization. It’s very important to know which factor will bring the performance of the organization they have to be monitored by the managers. They must take steps for the performance to improve the organizational culture for the goal of the organization.

Performance is the main issue of the organization profit, productivity, quality, consistency and also the performance is based on the behavior (criterion based) and relative (normative) measures. They include the training concepts for the organization. The management development and leadership training is all comes under the performance of the employee.

The organization performance is the potential adaptation of strong culture into organization system of executing it to the routines in organization.


Defining of organization performance

It has so many conceptual problems according to Ricardo(2001) there was a difference between performance and productivity. Productivity is a ratio that the volume of work completed will be given amount if time. The performance is the indicator that will include productivity and quality consistency and other factors. In the result, the evaluation productivity measures were typically considered to the organization performance.

Ricardo(2001) argued that the performance could include results oriented behavior and relative measures education and training concepts and instruments, including management development and leadership training which were the necessary in building skills and attitudes. The term performance will always be based on the effectiveness, efficiency, economy, quality, consistency behavior and normative measures.



There were two major streams of research on the determinants of performance. Once it was based on economic tradition emphasizing the importance of marker. The other side the research is built on behavior and sociology paradigm and saw organizational factors and their fit with the environment as the major thing for success.

The economic model for the performance will provide a range major determinants of profits included:

The characteristic of the industry

The organization position to its competitors

The quality of firm’s resources

They are based on the factors of human resource policies organizational culture organizational climate and leadership styles.

Another style by chien(2004) found major five factors of performance

Leadership styles and environment

Organizational culture

Job design

Model of motive

Human resource policies



Job satisfaction


Feelings of well being

The organization proven to have effect on performance it is one of the performance cornerstones of business.

The description of the attitude emotions satisfaction and overall the employee workplace environment and the part of effective performance is directly related to morale of employees.  The employees who are happy and positive at work said high employee morale. Companies which has dissatisfied and negative feedback about their work environment has negative employee morale. Morale is basically a group phenomenon. It describes the level of favorable and unfavorable attitudes in the organization.

It’s the human behavior that develop on the organization its members purpose and leaders. They will relate to how happy a person is in the organization environment and how the boss treating the employee and the satisfaction of the employee in the job will be related to the morale of the employee. This will generally give the well-being satisfaction of the people. This will also include the job group which will have the satisfaction of working with the proper and comfortable job group with will bring good positive employee morale.

The morale and performance will differ from organization to organization it cannot be predicted it’s the best possible way to increase the morale to increase the performance. Showing the employees, the positive ways and giving them satisfaction at work will bring more performance to the organization. Its lie increasing the morale positivity to the employees and increasing the performance.

The morale will reflect an attitude of employees and they will also reflect the employee’s attitude and performance. The attitude of the individual will reflect the interpret understand or define a situation or relationship with other employees.

Attitudes are individual likes and dislikes on things situation or towards a person since all the attitudes are out into practice so they have the morale will not be related to performance.


The training and development is the relationship to close the gap of the current performance and future performance. The training and development will be conducted in policies and procedures by which the performance will be measured after that it will be evaluated. With the help of the employee’s performance appraisal they will find the training and development of the employee. It’s the most important requirement in the organization culture is training and development in which a person should be trained to performance the job in the organization. Training will improve the overall performance of the organization. They will build an employee with all the requirements need for the job to be done.

Individuals can help themselves to improve the areas they are lacking and they can show improvement in the performance appraisals for their career path needs.

The effectiveness of training and development is the employee play the vital role in improving the performance and also increasing the productivity. This will lead the organization to make success in front of the competitors. The employee’s performance is based on the training given by the company so giving the employee the best training and development to make the companies to be top in the industries.

The training will increase the overall performance and productivity of the organization. So they will do the best to train the employees well for the companies welfare.

The training and development will increase the skills and knowledge and attitude of the workers necessary for the job. Through training the employee are developed and enable them to implement the job-related work efficiency and achieve firm objectives.


The work life balance is the individual wellbeing in the organization performance and function. The work life balance is more comprehensive and includes family community recreation and personal time. The work life balance should be related to workplaces communities and society as a whole.

The relationship between the work life balance and performance in which one of the most important is depression resulting in decrease productivity and higher absenteeism. Low work life balance can also lead to the employee to negative morale and higher absenteeism and organizations which will experience the high absenteeism, employee turnover, low productivity, and poor work quality. The unbalanced work-family caused by increase work demands leads to higher levels of stress. This will lead to dissatisfied employee in the organization.



It will play the vital role in creating trust in the work place. It’s the overall frame work of employee perception. The organization has two important things the customers and the customers who has talents, in providing the workforce with dynamic work environment organization looks to the variety of methods to bring up the employee engagement productivity, loyalty, innovation, viable and sustainable rewards.

They will have many tools to bring out the talented employee and reward the employee this reward will motivate the employee and will bring more productivity from the employee. Rewarding will fulfill employees needs fairly rewarded for their capabilities, efforts and contribution.

The organization will put reward practices in the organization with the aim to offer competitive salaries, bonus packages and to share benefits of people combined efforts in a fair manner. The varies forms of giving employees the incentives plans, profit sharing and other opportunities for wealth and ownership sharing for the employees.

Key aspects of an effective rewards and recognition will include:

They will have to be fair, transparent, timely and varied.

The rewards should be appropriate to all the contributions they have made

They recognition should be meaningful

All the activity should be related to the work place diversity and should be done for the improvement for the employee

When the recognition is done by the team then each team member who participated must be recognizes and rewarded fairly.

The right kind of communication on recognition activities should be done to promote the culture of organization.


If the performance is backed by the financial rewards then the employee will work more effectively to the organization. Rewards and the performance has relationship which will relate to the organization productivity. It is the great motivator for the employees then the incentives will increase the employee’s commitment to the work which will show the performance increase in the organization.This relationship will perform the positive performance to the organization.


The organizational culture has the potential needs which will increase the organizational performance, employee job satisfaction, sense of certainty about problem solving (kotter,2012) if the organizational culture varies from internal or external factors which will affect the performance and the job process in the organization the organization effectiveness will decline (Ernst, 2001)

The organizational culture and the performance of the organization is clearly related. The studies show that the relationship between cultural attributes and high performance has not been consistent over time (Denison,1990).

The good performance will give the strong culture. A positive and a satisfied individual perform and achieve more whereas a negative and weal culture can demotivate an outstanding employee who has the active role to place in organization performance. Murphy and Cleveland (1995) believes that the research to the culture will contribute to the understanding of performance management. The impact of the culture and practices in the organization will bring the best performance in the organization.

The organizational culture will be more important in upgrading the performance of employee. If the environment and the organization culture is easy and comfortable to work then the employee will show the skill and knowledge to the most and will be motivated to bring the effective performance for the company.

The good and competitive companies will have a organizational culture to the more important tool for the performance they will be having the employees satisfied with the policies and will motivated the employees to perform well in the productivity for the company.

The members of the organization will be encouraged to work effectively of the culture of the organization is strong and motivating. Organizational culture is the reflection of employees performance.


The effects of cultural difference can be clearly seen. Ethnic conflicts continue to flare around the world. These conflicts will result from the maintain cultural identities. This culture will be the important and contribute significantly to explain the differences in the behavior.

The role of the culture will become more effective to the management and organization behavior. The culture of the organization will motivate the employee for more productivity for the organization.

The reward to the employee will motivate and will increase the performance of the employee. Some countries will reward will gifts rather than money.  The rewards will cherish the employees.

Culture has the strong impact on the organization behavior. Studying culture is essential for managers. It will encounter global competition everywhere. 


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