In between the Syrian and Turkish governments was

In the world, there are a few countries that which is the location is very vulnerable and critical. Turkey is one of them. The time AKP government won the elections and came to the power in 2002, Turkey’s relations with its neighbors change immediately. AKP government started the policy of ‘zero problems with neighbors’. Turkey had seen as a role model for the Middle Eastern countries. Before Syrian Civil War has started, Bashar al-Assad and Recep Tayyip Erdogan had a good relationship. Also, the relationship between the Syrian and Turkish governments was improving. Even Mr. Erdogan spend time with Assad family in Bodrum in a Turkish resort.    Everything has changed with the Syrian Civil War. There are thousands of opinions about Turkey’s role in Syrian Civil War. Some of them are saying that in the beginning Turkey should not have involved in Syria or Turkey should already have sent its troops to Syria. I believe that Turkey could not stay out of Syrian Civil War because of the security interests of her. Also, in the beginning of Syrian Civil War Turkey should have supported Bashar al-Assad regime. Unfortunately, instead of support Assad and be a mentor for him Turkey turned its back to the Assad and supported the Sunni -Muslim groups which are against the Assad regime. Also, with the idea toppling of the Assad regime, Turkey became a part of new and dangerous adventure which took really long. We need to add in here that Turkish foreign policy for a long time based on to see the Middle East as an out of an area. So, it was unable to see that the region is ready to explode because of the political, ethnic and sectariandivision.  There were dozens of miscalculations when it came to Syrian policy. I believe that when Turkey started to support the rebellions, she was thinking that with the majority of the Sunni population in Syria, the war would be over soon, and the country would start to construct again. Turkey forgot two major actors in the region which are Russia and Iran. Also, Turkey was unable to understand the socio-political situation in Syria. In August 2012 when Ahmet Davutoglu interviewed with the NTV channel and said “I do not think that this process will continue for a long time. We can identify this process now rather than years with months or weeks” It shows us how we were weak when it came to analyses Syrian civil war.  I know that Bashar al-Assad is a brutal killer who can also kill his own citizens, but politics are struggling for power. Even if you are not the same page with the person, you need to calculate your foreign policy for the best for your country and citizens not just for the illusiondream which is become hegemon power in the region. Also, we should not forget that before the Arab Spring uprisings and Syrian Civil War, there were human rights violations in Syria but that was no problem for the AKP government when they were trying to improve their relationship with the Syrian regime.  When it came to safe passage for Syrian refugees we can easily say that it was unorganized. With the beginning of the Syrian Civil War, Turkey became a getaway for the Syrian people for a secure haven. Over 2 million Syrian refugees left the place which they were born to survive. One of the most important problems with the safe passage was, it was uncoordinated. Because of the anarchy in the Syria Islamic radicals which is the most important one ISISemerged, and the militants of these group used the opportunity of the safe passage through Syria to Turkey or opposite direction. At the end, they were able to do bloody attacks.    In a time, Turkey’s foreign policy was all wrong about ISIS. The AKP government primary concern was the overthrown Assad rather than focused on ISIS. Even they were saying if Assad government go, they would become a part of the coalition forces. In my opinion, they believed that if ISIS possess a permanent presence in Syria, they would become a big problem for the Assad and the Kurdish presence in the region would be trapped. Soon, we saw the result of these policies as I mentioned before the ISIS’s bloody attacks on Turkish citizens.  From the date when the Syrian Civil War erupted to today Turkey faced with a huge amount of problems but one of the most important was Kurdish separatist presence in Northern Syria. For Turkey, supporting to civil war in Syria against the Assad regime was a deadly mistake.As a result, the winner was Kurds. Syrian civil war was only beneficial for the Kurdish separatists and empowered their claims about independent Kurdish state. In the beginning of the Syrian Civil War, Turkey should have thought that in our southeastern border it was more beneficial for us to have a strong central authority of Syrian government. Because in any authority gap there would be an anarchy and chaos. As a result, new actors started to emerge. As we have seen in the Syria such as YPG/PYD, ISIS etc.    Assad was focused on protecting members of his race, so most of his troops deployed in the cities that consist of the Alawite population. Also, Assad was a clever man, so he predicted Turkey would focus on Kurds in its border rather than focused on him, he distracted Turkey with its biggest nightmare Kurdish corridor in Northern Syria. So, YPG/PYD forces stated to fight against the ISIS and were able to wipe ISIS out from Northern Syria, captured important locations and became a political force in the region. Also, they enclaved along Turkish southeastern border. We can easily say that YPG/PYD presence in Northern Syria will continue for a long time.   At the end, it was clear for most of us that Bashar al-Assad won the Syrian Civil War with the help of two powerful backup countries which are Russia and Iran. Turkey was unable to reach its goal which was to see another leader in Syria. One thing is clear that Assad and Erdogan previous friendship will not restore, and Turkey’s intervene in the war against Assad regime will remember for the future political life in Syria.


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