In but also carry benefit of time efficiency

In the recent years, 3D printing in medical
applications has expanded and the advantages of technology have been becoming
increasingly important in the medical field. Furthermore, the greatest advantage the 3D printers
provide in medical applications is the freedom to produce custom-made medical
products and equipment (Ventola C.L., 2014). In
addition, this technology can provide great value for both patients and
physicians because of the personalized approach, therefore, the patient
receives the best treatment and physicians can provide time and cost efficient
low risk treatment to their patients (Ventola C.L., 2014). Another
important benefit offered by 3D printing is the ability produce items in more
cost-efficient way. “If compared to less expensive large scale traditional
manufacturing, the low cost of 3D printing is becoming more and more
competitive for small production runs” (Ventola C.L., 2014). “This is especially true for small-sized
standard implants or prosthetics, such as those used for spinal, dental, or
craniofacial disorders” (Ventola C.L., 2014).
Customization, elimination of risk for patients and low cost are important
aspects that shows the benefits received from 3D printing technology, but some
of the aspects are still improving and developing.   

Furthermore, these
objects can be produced with low waste and in a shorter time frame then before.
 The author emphasizes that fast 3D
printing means that the product can be made within several hours (Ventola C.L.,
2014). This manufacturing can offer on site and on time solutions
for every patient and provides this advantage with almost zero waste during the
production. Another great benefit is that 3D printing can reduce manufacturing costs by decreasing the use of
resources (Ursan ID, Chiu L, Pierce A, 2003). As the product production with 3D
printer is made by slowly adding layers on top of each other to create the
final material (Cui X, Boland T, D’Lima DD, Lotz MK, Recent Pat Drug Deliv
Formul. 2012). Benefits like reduction in manufacturing
cost, personalization of products do not only create new hopes for more
efficient treatment, but also carry benefit of time efficiency and sharing the
knowledge for free.

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