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In the books All My Friends Are Superheroes and The Devourers the theme of love is constantly being explored. Characters from each book are put through experiences allowing them to realize whether or not they have the capability to love. In the book All My Friends Are Superheroes, the Perfectionist is someone who has never truly loved someone in her previous relationships until she meet her husband Tom. In The Devourers, Cyrah is a character who has never loved anyone except her mother who is dead until a life changing event occurred changing her feelings. Another character is the Stranger and he is torn on how he should feel because his parents come from two different worlds. In the book there is also a character known as Fenrir who is a shapeshifter and is not supposed to have any feeling of love but consistently tries to love until he realizes he cannot.  The Perfectionist is a character and by her name she is known for being perfect. She has had previous relationships with Loudmotorcycle who has a loud motorcycle and Hypno who has the ability to hypnotize people, but she they came to an end because she came to the realization that she never really liked or loved them. The Perfectionist was convinced that she liked Loudmotorcycle after she met him at the CNE. In the book it says “With three pitches he won a stretched Pepsi bottle and her heart” (Page 44) and “The Perfectionist dumped him. It wasn’t because he never rode his motorcycle anymore. It wasn’t because his tattoos suddenly looked stupid. It was his insomnia” (Page 45). In these quotes the Perfectionist thought she liked Loudmotorcycle because of of the prize that he won her playing a game at the CNE but after his motorcycle accident he developed insomnia, which is something the Perfectionist couldn’t handle leading to her breaking up with him. The Perfectionist was working at a coffee shop, where she first seen Hypno, who she had no physical attraction to. In the book it says “He tapped his spoon on the rim of his coffee mug and hypnotized her into believing that sex with him would be the best of her life. The Perfectionist dated him, intensely, for the next three months” (Page 10). In this quote Hypno is explaining that he had used his superpower, which is hypnotizing people to convince the Perfectionist that she was attracted to him, which started their relationship. The Perfectionist dated Hypno until she came to the realization that she didn’t like anything about him, in the book it says “His cock was something she never wanted to let out of her, but she realized she didn’t much like the rest of him” (Page 58). This showed that after 3 months of dating each other, the Perfectionist came to the realization that she only liked having sex with Hypno and never really liked anything else, because in a relationship where you like or love someone’s personality is the only thing that should matter. In the Perfectionist’s previous relationships she was able to find someone to date but she never truly loved them, to have a future with, but instead she liked them for something they did for her.The Perfectionist never loved someone until she met Tom who she would end up having a future with, but before that she would go through heartbreak which showed just how much she loved Tom and how much he was needed in her life. The Perfectionist thinks that Tom has disappeared, thinking he had left her and she feels like she has to have a fresh start. In the book it says “This is true. The Perfectionist is moving to Vancouver…. She’ll leave everything, Tom included, behind. All the pain, all the heartache, all the love she has for him, will disappear.” (Page 15). The Perfectionist hasn’t been able to see Tom for 6 months now and she plans to move to Vancouver for a new beginning and to forget about all the memories she has with Tom in Toronto. This shows that the Perfectionist really did love Tom because with her previous relationships, when she felt the need to leave, she didn’t have to move locations to forget about a person but in this case she did.When the Perfectionist took Tom up to her bedroom, she realized things about Tom that she hasn’t with anyone else. In the book it says “Inside she found his hopes, his dreams and his fears. She stared at them. She was surprised to find them there and surprised at how beautiful they were.  At that exact moment, the Perfectionist fell in love with Tom.” (Page 74-75). In this quote the Perfectionist was in bed with Tom where she gained access to his heart where she found a hard tin box, filled with all of his inner feelings, and got attached to them allowing her to fall in love with him which is something she never felt before with any other relationship.The Perfectionist was in love with Tom and when he became invisible because Hypno hypnotized her into thinking Tom doesn’t exist and so she didn’t know what to do with her life anymore, considering she stopped seeing him right after their wedding, a quote from the book says “The Perfectionist sat at the table blowing smoke…She waited for Tom” (Page 19). The Perfectionist hasn’t seen Tom in a long time and started smoking cigarettes something she had never done before, 4 weeks after her wedding reception, and would sit at the table with hope that Tom would walk through the door at any moment. The Perfectionist not having Tom in her life someone who she loved dearly lead her to doing things out of normal to help with the fact of him being gone, when he is just invisible to her. The Perfectionist has stated she’s in love with Tom and shows that not seeing him pushes her to do things she doesn’t necessarily want to do, but she needs to in order to try to forget about Tom and the love she has for him, but by the end of the book she is able to see him allowing them to start a life together in Vancouver.Cyrah is a character who has stated she doesn’t love anyone but her mother who passed away, but with a life scaring event happening to her that all changes. Cyrah being tired of Fenrir constantly hinting and asking if she loves Gevaudan leads to her lashing out about her feelings, and she says “I don’t love anyone on this earth but my dead mother” (Page 214). This quote shows Cyrah revealing that she only has love for her mother and she has never experienced being in love with someone and it may be that she doesn’t want to love a man because her mother was raped before. Cyrah believes that because she got pregnant by being raped that she cannot love her child, in the book it says “I’ve never loved a man in my life, but I’m not fool enough to think that there are no men and women in this world who truly love each other, and love their children together, and did not conceive then through violence and pain” (Page 225).Cyrah believes that because rape played a factor in her pregnancy, she won’t be able to love this baby and it won’t come from a home where the parents truly love each other. While arguing with Fenrir, Cyrah reveals that she cares about the unwanted baby that she is about to have. In the book Cyrah says “I know it seems strange and sudden that I would say that, having described how I didn’t want the child, but I said it…..”Only my child,” I said” (Page 214-215). Previous Cyrah was raped by Fenrir and he had gotten her pregnant and ever since that day she has expressed her hate towards him and his actions and constantly stated the the baby inside her was unwanted, but after the fight she witnessed and argument with Fenrir she showed that she cares about the baby considering her DNA will be in the baby too. Cyrah truly believed that it’s not possible for her to love anyone except her mom, until she finally has a child of her own even though it was unwanted she accepted it and learned to love the baby.The Stranger is the child of Fenrir and Cyrah, he was a child that came from two different worlds, one where people were able to love and another where showing no feeling towards humans and eating them to help preserve themselves is the right thing to do. The Stranger tells Alok about his life story and about the two worlds he has been told stories about and grew up in. Alok says “You’re saving me for yourself, aren’t you. The sex is just an appetizer” (Page 246). This quote is said by Alok after having sex with the Stranger, he suspects the Stranger wants to eat him because he knows of the past and what the Stranger has done but the he doesn’t answer the question, but instead they constantly had sex together, showing his inner feelings towards Alok. The Stranger who never revealed his name to anyone,including Alok until he says “It said, “To my son, Izrail”… “Thank you,” I say… “You’re welcome, Alok”” (Page 260). The Stranger starts to show that he trusts Alok and tells him his name after months, this shows that the Stranger had a certain feeling about Alok considering this was while they were in bed together and he is allowing himself to open up to someone and express himself where in one world he would be apart of it is frowned upon. The Stranger doesn’t want to fall in love nor does he want to be like his father Fenrir, who raped his mother and he feels like he has to go back and forth between two worlds and what’s right and wrong in them. When talking to A lok he says “”I blame them for thinking I had fallen in love, like my father, or like a human. I blame them. I live in the twilight between worlds, like they did. I was born to be and exile. It was decided from the moment Fenrir raped Cyrah”” (Page 263). In this quote you can see that the Stranger has felt some feeling of love, but he doesn’t want to admit to it because of the worlds he has become apart of and the reason for him being born. In conclusion the Stranger wants to be able to open up about his feelings and let them out but he allows his father’s actions towards his mother change that and hide them because if the shapeshifters eyes he shouldn’t have any feeling for a human, they are just food for them to eat in order to live longer.Fenrir is a shapeshifter who isn’t supposed to have any feeling of love towards a human, but he does and he forces the one he loves to love him back in a violent way but later realizes that love isn’t for him and realizes him leaving the situation would make it better. Fenrir believes that he can love as a human being he shows this when he said “”If you had let me, I would have stayed by your side and learned the love that you say belongs only to a human father”” (Page 215). Fenrir ignores the fact that he raped Cyrah which he did with reason to create a child and thinks that it’s possible for him to learn to love like a human father and be apart of the baby’s and Cyrah’s life. After constant back and forth between Fenrir and Cyrah, he realizes that it’s best for him to leave Cyrah with her baby. When he leaves he says “”Again, after so many lifetimes, I am laid low. Your child will be proud.” With those words, Fenrir took his fardels and he left my life” (Page 226). With Cyrah telling Fenrir that he lost his right to being father of the baby because he raped her before, helped him come to realization that she doesn’t want him in her life. In the end Fenrir came to the realization that no matter how much he may want to love a human being, he just isn’t capable of doing so. The characters within these books all explore the theme of love, going through things that makes them capable of loving, love being a natural feeling or even realizing the emotion of love isn’t meant to be in their life. The Perfectionist went through relationships where she didn’t have any strong feeling or future with them until she meets someone that she does have love for, Cyrah believing that she can’t love anyone other than her mother but discovers she can, the Stranger being caught up in two worlds that affect how his emotions are expressed and Fenrir wanting to love but doesn’t have the ability to do so in a human way.


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