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In this assignment, I will choose cybercrime to be my topic, because there are a lot of electronic crime nowadays it’s so interesting to know about cybercrime.  Cybercrime is criminal activities carried out by means of computers or the internet.Cybercrime is the most important issue in the United Arab Emirates because of the danger to society and individuals. Therefore, the UAE court has issued strict laws and penalties for anyone who commits the crime. In addition, sociologists were interested in studying the social effects of the use of technology; the modern social networks, the means of interaction that became widespread, and issues related to cybercrime.I am interested in this because I have seen the spread and gravity of these crimes in the present and in the future.There is a statistical show that The Department of Cybercrime in the Dubai Police General Investigation and Criminal Investigation Department recorded cybercrime a 23% increase in cybercrime by 1820 in 2015, compared to 1581 cases in 2014 and 1513 in 2013.My research question it will be about What are the laws and penalties? What kinds of cybercrime?


What I know about my topic:

The United Arab Emirates establishes strict laws that limit cybercrime such as: “A person who violates the principles and values of the family and publishes news or images that violate the privacy of a person’s life or family life, even if true, through defamation by disseminating the information obtained The Internet or IT system, at least one year, a fine of not less than 50,000 dirhams or either”. Electronic crime is divided into several types: viruses industry and spreading which constitute the most widespread and common crimes via the Internet, Impersonation, and defamation.


What I don’t know :

There are several actions we take when the crime occurs :

·         First: Keeping the site of the crime theater and moving away people who are present and not to touch anything.

·         Second: holding the main unit – computer – keyboard – mouse – connections – modem and hard disk.

·         Third: Keeping the suspect away and hindering it from reaching to the sets.

·         Four: Removing all electrical connection cautiously and disconnecting them from telephone and electricity and not trying to use the computer or coming near to it.




Figure 2f from: Irimia R, Gottschling M (2016) Taxonomic revision of Rochefortia Sw. (Ehretiaceae, Boraginales). Biodiversity Data Journal 4: e7720. (n.d.). doi:10.3897/bdj.4.e7720.figure2f


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