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In recent decades, technology has introduced major changes in the way society is living. One of these big?changes is?how?people?is?interacting?with?others.?In fact, by the introductions of social media, ?human?relationships?apparently?look?deeper?than previous times, because friends are?constantly?connected?online; ?but in?reality, ?it has become shallower?and less polite, because social media is now the primary form of communication. In effect, social media is making people more antisocial, considering it is used to fill the basic needs of socialization; people is most of the time focus on their electronic devices, rather than the world around them; and they are enjoying loneliness and protecting their intimacy behind it. 

First of all, social media is making people more antisocial, because they are forgetting how to physically socialize with others on a regular basis, as a basic need of human nature. As everybody should know, being?an emotionally healthy person requires developing meaningful relationships?outside family circles. As humans been, socialization is a basic need that must be fulfilled, in order to acquire necessary skills to perform as a functioning member of the society. Different from other species, whose are biologically programmed to behave; humans need social experiences to learn about life, culture and socialize. The most powerful learning method to learn these skills of socialization is through relationships that involves human and physical contact.  With social media around, people are forgetting about face to face relationships and mostly use social media sites to meet the basic need of connecting with others. People are letting behind meeting friends personally, without noticing how a face to face conversation can affect their lives positively, and how their relationship will strengthen. For instance, people are making new friends, keeping tabs on their lives, and updating their life status through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media resources; replacing the need to spend time with old friends or meeting them for a coffee, because their entire life stories are literally posted online. In consequence, there is a lack of socialization and relationships are becoming shallower, without any kind of human contact due to online interaction. It is also important to mention that this online interaction is without any kind of manners, because people do not have to show politeness or even gratitude; as is expected on physical socialization.

As a second reason of how social media is making people antisocial is the fact that constantly in family reunions, dinners, parties and any type of social event, people are focus on their electronics devices to catch out with others, rather than see and interact with the world around them. In the present time, restaurants, buses, parks and all kind of public scenarios; are full of people more interested on their phones than those around them. Kids are watching television episodes; teenagers are connected to Facebook and Youtube watching the latest video, and adults are scrolling through email in order to stay updated. It is pretty common to see couples and groups of friends sitting one in front of each other, where each of them are playing separate video games or posting photos on Instagram, like they could not be further apart even though they were physically close; it looks like that is easier and more convenient for people to stay in contact with others via Facebook, than physically stay in touch with them. With this in mind, it is easy to conclude that, while social media is in our pockets, people become socially connected with the rest of the world, and disconnected from each other on the physical world; forgetting about the little things around them.

Furthermore, a third reason to affirm that people are now more antisocial due to the usage of social media, is that since it appears, and it is more accessible for everybody, people are enjoying loneliness and protecting their intimacy from others, by maintaining mostly online contact with friends and hiding behind it. This is well explained by?Sherry Turkle,?in his Article?Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other (pp. xii, 1), that says:?”These days, insecure in our relationships and anxious about intimacy, we look to technology for ways to be in relationships and protect ourselves from them at the same time. … Digital connections … may offer the illusion of companionship without the demands of friendship. Our networked life allows us to hide from each other, even as we are tethered to each other.”??In this order, considering that human relationships are demanding and sometimes complicated, people are making it easier and less complex with the technology, by texting, email, posting, which allows them to show others their self as they want to be seen.  By substituting human contact with machine-mediated relationships on social media, as people are instant messaging, texting and twitting, it is easier to draw the boundaries between intimacy and loneliness. Indeed, people rather text than talk, to avoid explanations and protect their intimacy from others. For instance, the longer people spend on social networks, the lonelier they are likely to be, and people are finding that comforting, to protect themselves from social judgment

In conclusion, in this?period of time, ?where technology has introduced major changes in the way people are interacting; social media is now the primary form of communication making people more antisocial; considering it is used to fill the human needs of socialization; people are most of the time focus on their electronics devices, rather than the world around them; and they are becoming and enjoying loneliness by protecting their intimacy behind it.  It is?pretty common?that?most of the people use Facebook or another kind of social media resources to look into others lives, to be in touch with?them, ?particularly?with?people they?care about?or ex-partners; ?instead?of?make a?phone call, ?write a sentimental?letter?or even have a?coffee?to chat.?Society has to be conscious, that is necessary to have a healthy social life by letting a little aside social networks because it ?cannot be the only method to interact with others.


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