In happens in this twisted tale of love.

In Verona, love confusion, and everything in between happens in this twisted tale of love.  Between forced marriage, schemes to have and avoid weddings, and the lack of communication, death collects. It may seem obvious to blame Romeo and Juliet, Paris, or even the prince, but the deaths of Romeo, Paris, Juliet, and even Tybalt are caused by someone else’s actions. Who, or what is most to blame over the deaths in this classic love tale? In William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Lord Capulet is most to blame for death due to his haste to marry Juliet to the first rich person he sees.In William Shakespeare’s tragedy Romeo and Juliet, Lord Capulet’s inconsideration leads to the deaths in the play. Throughout the Act III Scene V, Lord Capulet forces events that are unready. Early in the scene, Lord Capulet is talking with Paris and organizes a wedding two days out (Shakespeare 3.5 48). This forces Juliet into a relationship that she doesn’t even want which causes many problems such as the staged death of Juliet, the murder of Paris, and the suicides of Romeo and Juliet. Lord Capulet also doesn’t give Juliet any consideration either, he thinks he knows what she wants. When Juliet tells her father how she felt about the marriage, her dad went nuts insulting everyone and everything (Shakespeare 3.5 120). But this shows how her dad pressured her into something that she was against so much, she was willing to die over marry Paris. This starts the scene at cemetery where everyone dies, and this was started by Lord Capulet. In the tragic love tale of Romeo and Juliet, Lord Capulet undermines everyone in the scene. He tells off everyone with that attitude that he is better than everyone and that he knows all. He tells the nurse to go away in a very offensive way calling her a cow (Shakespeare 3.5 134). This shows the supremacy Lord Capulet thinks he has over people like nurse or Juliet, or even Lady Capulet. He disses lady capulet by saying “Hang thee, young baggage! Disobedient wretch (Shakespeare 3.5 159)!” This shows Lord Capulet’s disrespect towards everyone, which leads to the death of everyone, plus almost Lady Capulet because he treats her like Juliet, but he can not forcefully marry her to someone without consent which is why Juliet schemes against her father which leads to everyone’s death.Throughout Romeo and Juliet, other people have also made mistakes. Some people may be thinking, but Lord Capulet was trying to continue his family, and in that time period, he had supreme dominance. Those people may also say that Romeo and Juliet are to blame. However, this counter-argument does not account for how Lord Capulet immediately started yelling and having to try and formulate words because of how mad he is (Shakespeare 3.5 93). This is uncalled for even in time period because people understood if you did something they didn’t like. But getting angry because someone didn’t have same the viewpoint and didn’t think the same as you is uncalled for and very aggressive. Which also leads into when he banished her from Capulet’s mansion until she agreed to marry Paris (Shakespeare 3.5 115). This cruelty no matter what time period. And puts Juliet in a tough spot because she has no way to get to Romeo, which forces the events of everyone dying. Overall in this paper, there is a lot of blame to go around to everyone for everyone else’s death. BUt with the evidence and explanations that have been provided


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