In In this state of consciousness Adam could

In the literal story of how God created man, God placed Adam
in the Garden. In the beginning, Adam was alone; Eve had not been separated
from him. Adam was considered whole.This  could be symbolic  of the conscious and subconscious working together
as one, which is also reflected by the paradise or what is called the Garden of
Eden in which Adam dwelled in. In this state of  consciousness Adam could be considered with
God. As the story continues, God placed Adam in a deep sleep, he took one of
Adams ribs and use that to create Eve.  Adam and Eve were both named,
which could represent their purity before they sinned. In this new state of
being, with Eve having been created, Adam could be seen as representing  the waking conscious of mankind and Eve
represents the subconscious. When the conscious and subconscious are no longer
in unity, they can no longer be maintained because the ego can take control.
Thus the reason they took the fruit from the forbidden tree.. As the story
goes, Eve is tempted by the serpent or Satan which can be seen as the ego. Because
the ego took over Eves soul or mind, Paradise lost becomes man’s reality. This
is alsobe seen as  spiritual death, or separation
from God. Adam and Eve’s actions can be read as the beginning
of the advance of civilization, Here, Eve is a hero who wins culture for
humanity. Her act of reaching for the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of
good and evil  is a paradigm  not of humanity’s failure, but of humanity’s
relentless striving for knowledge, morality, culture, and civilization. Going back
to using Adam to create Eve, it could be assumed that Adam was neither male nor
female, but possibly both. When God said he created man, it could be mean as
just human like the saying “man kind” and not man as in male. Although God took
one of Adams ribs to create Eve, it could be assumed that woman would have one
more rib than man, and that man has one less than woman.

The first interpretation that came to my mind after reading
the story of Abraham is that sometimes fidelity to God and the things of God
requires everything of us.  The story starts with God awakening Abraham in
the middle of the night, commanding Abraham to leave his family, his home, and
his land in order to satisfy God’s purpose for the world.  Back in that
time there were no highways, airlines, or high speed trains so that one could easily
return home if one needed to. There was no social media or even mail
service so that he would be able to keep in touch with his family. For the sake
of God’s purpose, God asked Abraham to give up his own faith, and Abraham acquiescently obeyed.with the command
to sacrifice Isaac God is asking Abraham to give up, in faith, as well as his
future. Abraham was to trust God, even when Abraham
can’t fathom God’s reasons for this odd request to sacrifice his son or the way
God might eventually make it right again. God does not carry through with the
command.  He stops Adam at last moment before he sacrifices his son. I believe
the story is constructed to teach us that there is something necessary to faith
about Abraham’s compliance give up his own son and future for the sake of
God.  There is definitely something necessary in Abraham’s commitment to
God before his commitment to all other things, even those dearest to him. 
It is, after all, a commitment God extends to us, by giving up his som Jesus
himself on the cross for love and forgiveness of our sins


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