In is mentioned above is explained for clarifiying

In individualism ,there is human independence.He has his own rights ,his own true ,beliefs
and values.There are self determination and individual choice.When there is an
achievement ,it owns to just him.Races are more important because individualism.The
concept of family is not so important because decision of one who will get married is
enough.Group isn’t supported ,person is supported for achievement.There are lots of
technology.Role of woman is large and significant.Mentality is so important for
everybody.It is not used ”ours” ,it is used ”mine”.One does not identify whatever group or
team because ”me” is so important than others.The stereotype of a ”good person” in
collectivist culture is honest ,sensitive and helps to other people of group but in
individualism is strong and assertive.There are negative sides of individualism as in
collectivism.It makes selfish person and it results to be excluded from the society.After the
certain period ,it desensitises against other people.The typic individualist societies are
Australia ,Great Britain and especially America.
Everything which is mentioned above is explained for clarifiying gated
communities.Actually ,gated communities are seen as America.The America covenants
each individuals ‘ rights to life ,liberty ,property and the pursuit of happinessThe gated
communities covenant safety ,privacy ,strictly surveilled spaces.Indeed ,it is a big trickery
as ”American dream”.The purpose of this dream ,even if America defends individualism ,it
reflects collective perspective.On the other hand,the purposes of America are creating
consumption culture ,creating segregation both economic and cultural by using
capitalism.People are deceived by this game even if they do not need to private property
and they want to find place in gated community.One of devices which achieve these
purposes is gated community.The hierarchy comprises result of these.How Asian societies
who have collective culture seperate from West societies who have individualist culture
,people who live in gated community seperate others.Their culture is seperated by gated
community.The gated community does not seperate not only as a land but also it is seen as
carrying up zone of society.These communities are isolated from society and they
symbolizes global inequality ,seperation.They are totaly product of individualism.People
who live in gated community are dropout.The feel of security is so fallacious.The inner is
not secure than outside.These gated communities start to build after distribution of income
destroys in society.The difference culture and statue among people has begun to open.They
start a war psychologically.They look as uneducated ,poor to others and they racialize so
they struggle to shed from society.Actually ,while they are living in gated community ,they
are not in society and they do not realize this. Within America’s modern day ,people are
encouraged to be individual but on the other side ,they need to other individuals.It means
that they must be collective.The perfect example of collectivism in America is income
tax.Some pays little and some pays more.This is method because of that rich people cut
loose from culture.While rich people are paying much more ,poor people are paying
less.The balance redress.This is collective perspective for them.
To sum up ,as Todorov said,there must be from cultural diversity to cultural
pluralism.”Every individual is multicultural” and ”Every individual needs to be
collective.”Every decision must think by individual and apply by collective.This method
develops society at the same time both it balances culture di


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