In materials they started using. Because the newer

In the nineteenth
century, architects were focused on recreating old styles. Even though they
were trying to recreate architecture, it never ended up being the same as how
it was created before. It still would look like a new style, because of the new
skills architects had acquired, and new materials they started using. Because the
newer creations looked different than the older styles architects were trying
to recreate, the name Neo – Classical was created. The architecture was still a
new style for them, therefore the word “neo” was added to the classical Roman
architecture, which is what nineteenth century Roman architecture was called. Even
though the architects at that time loved older styles, they still wanted to
incorporate new building materials, because they were still dedicated to creating
new and improved architecture. Cast iron was a new material that they started incorporating
into their structures, because they loved the way cast iron gave off an unfinished
look to the structures.

Architecture has always been involved with the
history of art, for many reasons. Many public buildings, especially religious
buildings were designed with art in mind, as well as having the building be functional.
Just like art, many architects worked and were determined to create and build
public works to inspire people, as well as have the buildings serve a purpose. Because
of this, the creative field grew immensely, and many craftsmen went into the
field of artists and laborers, because even though they were creating art, it
was hard work. In many of these buildings, the exterior and interior walls were
covered in paintings, like the Sistine Chapel, Pantheon, and many other artworks.
Not only was art shown through paintings at the buildings, it was also shown
through mosaics and metal work. Because art was considered to be everywhere,
throughout the art movements, both architecture and art were influenced.

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