In meaning that they may be on the

In the midst of a nuclear
war, a group of boys was being evacuated to an unnamed destination. Their plane
crashed and was dragged out to sea, leaving the boys stranded on an unfamiliar
island. Because of the atom bomb’s devastation, it’s likely that no one knows
where the boys are. Piggy was asking Ralph’s name, but Ralph is not much
interested in Piggy and does not request an introduction. Ralph found a conch,
which Piggy identifies as a valuable shell that can be blown as a trumpet.

Ralph to blow into the shell, using it to call any other boys to the beach.

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Soon boys between ages 6 and
12 come streaming out of the jungle onto the beach, assembling on the platform
near Ralph. Last to arrive are Jack and the choirboys.

The assembled boys discuss their situation and vote on a
chief, choosing Ralph over Jack. Ralph suggests that Jack remain in charge of
the choirboys. And he can do whatever he wants with boys Jack said we will
hunt.  As the assembled boys identify
themselves, Ralph reveals Piggy’s nickname before Piggy can establish his real
name. So everyone was making fun of piggy.

Ralph selected Jack and Simon
to go and find some way to rescue the boys, everyone start laughing at Simon
because was is skinny and Piggy was trying to go with Ralph, but Ralph didn’t
allow him to go with them. Ralph, Jack, and Simon return from their
reconnaissance in the late afternoon. Ralph blows the conch to call the other
boys back to assembly and describes the results of the exploration.

Jack interrupts almost
immediately to declare the importance of an army for hunting pigs. So that only
one person will speak at a time in the assembly, Ralph makes the conch rule:
Only the boy holding the conch can speak, and only Ralph can interrupt the one
who holds the conch. Piggy takes the conch so he can make the point that no one
knows the boys’ location, meaning that they may be on the island a long time.

Ralph offers reassurance that they will definitely be rescued, mentioning that
they’ll need a signal fire to attract passing ships and planes. They went to
the top of mountain

And Jack Take off Piggy’s
glasses to turn on the fire.

Jack, so many time tried to
hunt pig, but he couldn’t

Jack and his hunters have
failed so far to produce meat. After sometime Jack found a pig and he hunted
the pig. He is fast losing the traces of civilization and tuning into his
animal. Jack gathers the hunters to reveal his new hunting strategy: using
colored clay and charcoal to camouflage their faces. Jack commands all his
hunters, including Samneric who are on fire-maintenance duty at the time, to
join in a hunt. Ralph saw a ship in the distance and is confident that the
ship’s crew will spot the boys’ smoke signal. But, unknown to Ralph, that fire
has gone out

When Simon points out that
there is no smoke, he and Ralph and Piggy hurry up the mountainside. By the
time all three have reached the dormant fire site, the ship is gone.

calls the assembly and reminds everyone of their agreement to maintain fresh
water supplies, observe sanitation measures, build shelters, and keep the
signal fire going. . One day one parachute crush down to the island and the
body dragged on the tree. now Samneric the twins discovered his body while
selecting fire woods and they thought it’s a beast , Ralph called meeting when
sammneric get back and they tell everything what they saw, Piggy tried to speak
but Jack said that rules does not matter anymore. Simon beliefs that there is
no beast on the island but he was not able to speak up.

challenge Ralph that he is scared and they continue no one wants to go to
mountain except jack but Ralph feel challenge by him again, so he goes to Rager
joint too. They come and cross the body which moves when winds were blowing and
they run. Jack said he won’t play anymore and Ralph realized that so many boys
want to go with Jack because Jack was able to bring meat. Jack said that he
needs to take care of the beast and kill it. Simon goes off by himself to find
out what is the beast and he saw the head of the pig and start talking with it
and called as a Lord of the flies. Simon climbs to the mountain


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