In one in Charlottesville and the one where

David Frum’s interview he lets us in on his point of view about gun control. He
reminds us that “about two dozen states have moved to make their gun laws more
permissive” (FRUM) which makes it easier to bring guns to public spaces such as
churches, daycare centers and bars, and that it is super easy for former felons
to own guns themselves.

            We can also listen on this interview
that some people wanted to pass a law where you could use deadly force to stop
theft, in case your car or vehicle was on the line, “not just an automobile but
a motorcycle, perhaps even a bicycle.” (FRUM) Even though some people want
stronger laws, most americans are with the NRA. They do think guns make them
safer and that having more guns in more places does the work.

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            The surprising part is that, even
thinking it makes them safer, less and less people keep them at their houses
today. It is also, in David’s argument, legal in every state to strap a holster
on your body and go your way ready to shot or kill someone. This is so
dangerous and people don’t realise that, so David Frum says that the best way
to get people to understand is not to talk about the mass shootings but the
smaller incidents like the one in Charlottesville and the one where a child
killed herself because granny kept her gun with her candy in her purse. He also
believes that the first group to be “awaken” should be the parents.

“In all but eight states, it is completely legal for
a parent to put his or her child into a car seat, strap the child into the car
seat, roll up all the windows and smoke a pack of cigarettes inside the car.

That’s legal in most places. Most people don’t do it because parents love their
children and understand that smoking in a confined space with your child is
deadly for the child. We have to begin by making parents understand. This is
the group that will unlock this. You’re a bad parent if you have a gun in the
house. You’re not protecting your child. You’re endangering your child.” (FRUM)

my opinion the most important take-away from the interview is that americans in
general do need to feel safe. They live in fear. The problem is, and they have yet
to realise it, they live with fear of each other. If everyone can own a gun,
just like you can kill someone, you can get killed too. It is so easy to die,
and they are afraid of it. I am shocked that you can take guns to public places
just like that. Who wants to go to church and spend the whole time praying not
to be shot? Who wants to take their kid to daycare and be afraid there’s no kid
to take home at night?

discussion we had in class didn’t at all influence my thinking about the issues
but made me understand how my classmates think. People in Portugal have a way
of thinking very different from the americans. We don’t feel safe all the time,
but we also don’t live in fear. Plus, we think that owning a gun would make it
worse. Maybe we are the crazy ones. That even not trusting the police we leave
the power in their hands. But who knows? I think, in the end of the day, we
replace the fear with hope. Hope that it will all get better and we won’t have
to do or think about it.


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