In people who inherit the wealth from either

In the
article, Wealth, by Andrew Carnegie he talks how it is the upper-class people’s
responsibility to be generous towards other people in order for the rich peoples’
wealth inequalities to be addressed. He further continues to address that the
state doesn’t take use of the wealth in a well-disciplined manner therefore, he
believes that society and its people can put the wealth of the wealthy class to
better use. Later on, in the article he describes two types of wealthy people.

The first one mentioned is people who gain wealth due to their hard work and
perseverance. He says this is the best type of wealth because the people who’ve
earned this wealth know the value and the importance of how they earned this
wealth. Whereas, the other types of wealthy people are people who inherit the
wealth from either family, friends, etc. These types of people don’t know how
wealth is earned therefore, they don’t put the money to good use and on top of
that they have ignorance of the wealth they have. Another key point mentioned
by Carnegie is the benefit of high taxes on estates. He believes that whoever
has a wealthy estate has failed to spread his/her wealth. Therefore, the state
has every right over that person to tax them heavily. But if the wealthy people
distribute their wealth to charities or towards people, like mentioned in the beginning,
then the apprehension of an estate to tax doesn’t even arise. At the end
Carnegie makes such a big impact on the audience by mentioning how the wealthy
people should live discreetly with no ignorance of their wealth. If they do so
then because they choose this path they will be rewarded at the gates of

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