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In 2013, Beyoncé released her first self titled album. It rose to number one on the charts in three days, selling over 800,000 albums in that time span. These statistics are considered extremely successful considering that Beyoncé spent $0 on promoting her album. In fact, Beyoncé did not publicly announce that she was releasing an album prior to her Instagram statement that introduced the album to the world. She simply made the album available on iTunes, posted a video and did not do any previous advertising for it.Beyoncé’s Self Titled Album Cover, December 2013 |Source: jayzlemn_42Beyoncé’s marketing tactic was not of marketing nature. Other than her subtle Instagram post, the public had to stumble upon the album on iTunes. Beyoncé depended on her fans to let the album become a hit through word of mouth, primarily on social media.Beyoncé’s cunning social media presence plays a minor role in her public reputation. It merely enhances her strengths, rather than adding to them. She rarely uses captions on her posts. This tactic is likely done effortlessly and has no further meaning behind it. Beyonce’s Instagram posts are also done in waves. She will post three photos at a time that all have some relation to each other so that her overall style of her Instagram profile grid looks more artistic and collaborative. Many of her posts resemble previous ones, but still intrigue the audience. This strategy makes her posts and style explain themselves. Beyoncé is an example of an artist who is seen as talented enough that she does not need the help of social media to keep her fans attached. Many artists take advantage of their social media handles to promote their music or their character. Beyoncé does not use social media to reap its benefits. Not only does she put minimal effort into her Instagram, she lacks in the Facebook and Twitter departments. Beyonce’s pricing for her album is unique. When the album first came out, listeners could not buy individual songs from the album, instead listeners had to purchase the entire album (for $15.99). This strategy puts more emphasis on the album as a whole, as the world of rock began doing in the ’60s by lacking the release of singles.Beyoncé on Tour, June 2016 | Source: Jordan KinesBeyonce’s success in 2013 was a groundbreaking move for promotion in the entire industry. Though a bold move, Beyoncé pulled it off successfully.


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