In the entire poem to interpret protection. (Talk

   In this particular essay, I am going to analyze and compare the following poems, “To the Evening Star” and “The Angel” both by William Blake according to their manner of style. In order to fully comprehend both of these poems, it is necessary that we understand the literary devices being used along with the poet’s purpose. Blake uses the image of an ‘Angel’ in both of these poems in which I choice but of course, the meaning of these poems vary.    In William Blake’s “To the Evening Star”, the poet personifies the planet as a “fair-haired angel” to express purity and beauty. Blake then develops a role which is assigned to the planet Venus that basically makes it seem that the planet watches over the entire human race. The wolf is Blake’s symbol for night as it has grey fur and the Lion symbolizes the glorious morning as its fur is goldish and “the lion glares thro’ the dun forest; ” means the morning breaking through the darkness.  “The sun rests” , “smile up on our evening bed” , and  “speak silence with thy glimmering eye” are all examples of personification in which are present in this poem specifically to create more of a vivid image. The assonance with the vocal “al” emphasizes the downward motion of sunset which then emphasizes the ode of the night while the alliteration “t” makes more of an upward motion, this could represent the movement of the moon. Venus is personified as an angel in this poem while in “The Angel”, Blake uses the image of an angel to interpret the company of God/s.    In “The Angel”, Blake uses the image of an angel throughout the entire poem to interpret protection. (Talk about the poem “the angel”)    These poems can be considered to be similar for various reasons for instance, both of these poems were written by the one and only William Blake and both of these poems use the image of an ‘angel’. Although the image of the angel played two different roles throughout the poems, it has become very clear that Blake used the term ‘angel’ to refer to the heavens and their protective powers. A few of the following literary devices can be found in both of these poems as they are obvious in the text; metaphors, personification, and symbolism.(Talk about both of the poems why they are similar)    Taking everything in consideration, I have fully analyzed and compared “To the Evening Star” and “The Angel” both by William Blake according to the literary devices used throughout the poem. The meaning and intentions of these poems obviously vary but they do appear to share multiple similarities along with differences in which I previously mentioned.  It is easy to comprehend poems in general once you have taken the time analyze them thoroughly.


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