In which creates an economic downturn in many

  In an age of globalization, the increasing of
interaction of people, and states through international flow of money create both
positive and negative impact for many countries, as seen in the global
financial crisis in 2008 which creates an economic downturn in many countries. This
situation creates uncertainty to the world economic,
incur huge deficit in debt, and increase level of poverty and unemployment all
across the globe. It also reduce
France’s capability in economic much less able to recover and, moreover,
according to OECD stated that “France’s fundamental economic problem is weak in
economic growth”. Hence, it demonstrates the importance for not only France but
all states in having macroeconomic growth and this developing macroeconomic
growth also need to be harmony with nature.

France strongly supports
the United Nation’s summit that adopted in September 2015 on the 2030 Agenda
for sustainable development, which officially
came into force and call for action by all states to promote prosperity by
creating sustainable development in macroeconomic, which concern about economic
as a whole such as unemployment; growth rate; Growth Domestic Product; and
inflation. By achieving economic development for the implementation of 2030
SDGs, France launched an initiate known as “New Industrial France”. The goal
is for French business to have a new economic growth market which supported by mainstreaming
environmental goal. There are two industrial solutions which focus on energy
transition including new resources and Sustainable Cities, this government’s
Future Industry program plan make
France’s productive tool become more modernize by using digital technologies
and support the manufacture. The government’s objective on the program is to
make industrial processes more energy-efficient.

          During 2016, France, as the first industrialized
states, has ratified Paris Agreement in its domestic process and work together
with EU so as to ratify the agreement as soon as possible, however, France’s
ambitiousness in achieving the implementation for sustainable development make
the mitigation target upgraded by 2020. Furthermore, as France aware of
climate- related risk, it has a leading position in green finance and made a significant
process by starting to work to take it into account. At the very first
high-level political forum, France volunteer to presents the 2030 Agenda
implementation approach after the adoption of the agenda by equally attach with
respect environmental protection, and combat illegitimate financial flow, which
contribute to the successive sustainable development.


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