In “Who was Aristophanes?”. Published 9 July 2017.

In 448 BCE Aristophanes, was born in Athens, Greece, into an affluent family which gave him the opportunity to receive exceptional education and knowledge in literature. His only known family is his father, Philippus, and his three sons; Araros, Philippus, and Nicostratus. Aristophane was a Greek writer and playwright who wrote comedies. He first became interested in poetry in his early teens and it was not until he was around 17 years old, where he submitted his first play into the Athens comedies competition. Since then he commenced to write appealing poetry that people adored. His comedies were written to make fun of politicians and were tied in with everything happening around him, what was going on in the Greek world and what the public of his time was like. Amid peacetime he would compose comedies with passionate feelings and discourteous celebration of activities to do throughout peacetime or for athenian plots and prewar conflicts he would compile his own conspiracies. He entered many competitions and won a some of them too; he wrote around 40 comedies, but only 11 were discovered, his most famous comedies include: The Knights, The Birds, and Lysistrata. A good deal of his writings and offensive government jokes landed him in court numerous times, since he grew up in time of when the government was in trouble. This sparked his creation in writing comedies that the people enjoyed, so he wrote constantly despite the fact that he knew he needed to endure the results in view of his unseemly however entertaining comedies. Sources:”Aristophanes.” Encyclopedia of World Biography. . Accessed 19 Jan. 2018.”Aristophanes Biography”. Encyclopedia of World Biography. Accessed 19 January 2018.Carr, Karen. “Who was Aristophanes?”. Published 9 July 2017. Accessed 19 January 2018


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