In you will need to add more lighting


In a commercial kitchen you need to take a look at your menu
before investing in appliances. There is no point in buying an ice cream
machine if you won’t be serving ice cream. If you buy cheap freezers UK then
make sure that you need it. Invest in commercial grade appliances that are
relevant to your menu.

The appliances:

Lighting is an important part of a functional kitchen but in
commercial kitchen you are going to need more lighting than a domestic one.
Even if you have a small commercial kitchen you will need to add more lighting
sources so that the place is well-lit. The kitchen is a hot place as a lot of
appliances are working at the same time so you should choose lighting is energy
efficient and does not emit too much heat.

The lighting:

The layout of a commercial kitchen is a lot different from a
residential one. In a commercial kitchen you need to focus on functional
instead of aesthetics. You have to offer quick and efficient service and it is
only possible if the staff finds the working environment easy to navigate. To
have an efficient commercial kitchen you should create zones. There should be
food storage area, food preparation area, food cooking area and finally the
service area. The zones make it easier for staff to work and the kitchen can
run smoothly without any chaos. You should also make sure that it is easier to
clean the kitchen. If the layout is too complicated then you will find it hard
to keep it hygienic.

The layout:

In residential kitchens you only need one refrigerator and a
small pantry to store the food products because you do not need large amounts
of food products. On commercial level you need to store large amounts of food
products as you have to feel a lot of people. You cannot use a domestic
refrigerator on a commercial level because they are not equipped to handle the
pressure. For a commercial kitchen you need to invest in industrial fridges and
freezers so that you can safely store food products. They will also fulfill the
health and safety regulations. You will also need to set up a large walk-in
pantry so that there is enough space to store the food products that you

The storage areas:

Here are some of the basic differences between a commercial
and residential kitchen.

The success of food business depends significantly on the
efficiency of the kitchen. If you have a well-equipped and designed kitchen
then you will be able to run an efficient service no matter how many people you
have to feed in a day. Although both residential and commercial kitchen serve
the same purpose, they are slightly different.

A kitchen is considered the heart of a house and food
related businesses. It is the place where delicious meals are cooked. The commercial
and domestic kitchens have the same functionality. The main difference between
the two is the number of people they feed. In a residential kitchen you may
prepare three meals a day for a few family members but in a commercial kitchen
you need to prepare food for hundreds of people.


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