Inception the report shown by You can

Inception of Mobiles

There was a time when mobiles were used only for communicating with our near and dear ones. It was not less than any miracle that one can contact to another person by sitting at one place to any part of the world. Gradually time passes, the technology developed and the mobiles which were once merely the mode of communication have now started using as a game zone, calculator, and an alarm clock and so on and so forth.

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Emergence and Growth of Android

Then in 2008 with mobile app development came a new operating system namely Android with its first commercial Android device. It has changed the definition of mobile ever since. It gained a huge popularity till-date and today Android has captured 84.82 % of the market globally according to the report shown by You can imagine the popularity of Android by the facts that it has over 2 billion active monthly users (off-course that includes me, wink !) and has the largest installed base of any operating system with Google Play store which has over 3.5 million apps till December 2017.


Required Skills to Hire an Android Developer

To sustain in this cut-throat competitive world, a company or a business is required such android developers which not only serve up-to-the class work but also meet the business requirements. As Android broadens the way of various application and games it is quite necessary for a business to vigilantly hire right Android Developer.

Thus we have brought to you the list of skills to check before you hire Android Application Developer. Here we start –

1.     Good Coding Skills –

The first and the foremost skill that one must look into a person is that he or she must have the sense of good coding. A good Android Developer must possess the qualities of having basic skills such as programming skills, design, and debugging skills. Along with this, a coder must also have a good understanding of the requirements of the user. Another important thing that one must look while hiring an Android Developer is that they should write a clean look and should also follow conventional rules like spacing. Good coding skills also include skills such as codes which are orderly written and which also have comments wherever required.

2.     Knowledge of User Interface and Designing Skills

While hiring a developer or an Android app development company, one must always check the quality of having the good knowledge of user interface and designing skills in the developer. It is one of the important qualities of an Android developer that he or she must have a sense or understanding of user’s perspective while creating an application. Android developers always consider designing an app which is user interactive and user-friendly. If you have found the one who makes efforts on making easy user interface than you are a lucky one.


3.     Great Debugging Skills

Bugs always make your application go crazy. Thus it leads to less customer satisfaction which ultimately affects company’s image.  Thus when you employ any android developer, do check that a person must have a strong debugging skills in order to make the Android app work 100% properly. A person should also have a good grasping skill. A developer must be a quick learner as there will come a time when he/she has to handle many things which they are unaware of until now. Most of the Android developers use IDE which has some inbuilt debugging functionality.




4.     Know-How of Memory Processing

A good android developer should also have the quality of being vigilant to understand the requirement of apps. A developer must understand and see the CPU utilization of the mobile device. While building any app they should also know the impact of different processes on the device’s memory. A developer must possess the knowledge of developing such app which can handle processing power and battery life of a mobile device. A developer must have a better understating of how some apps are resource heavy than others for instance image and video editing app, gaming app and so on.


5.     Better Knowledge of Application Programming Interface

In the world of computer programming, Application programming interface is basically a set of clearly defined methods of communication between various software components through various protocols and tools. API helps in building an app user-friendly thus the developer must have the knowledge of API which makes Android devices run properly. A developer must also have the know-how of optimizing the performance of any app by using different APIs. Also see if the Android developer also has the knowledge of Android UI Layout, Android SQLite OpenGL, and other available Android libraries.


6.     A Person Must be Up To Date in Latest Trends in Android

Being up-to-date in your niche is the most important way to stay ahead of your competitors. This thing also applies to an Android developer. A developer should have the knowledge of the latest technology related to Android. They should also be aware of the open source Android development on the internet.  A developer having experience on working on the open source project is that you should give preference. One more thing that defines them as up-to-date is their habit of having latest smart phones and being tech-savvy.  Android developers should also be tech freak and are self-motivated to work on novel technology.


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