Industrial Training In The Company Social Work Essay

Industrial preparation demands to be fulfilled in order to obtain a grade of International Business. Every pupil demands to make industrial preparation in the company which can allow the pupils to be exposed to covering with international work processs and environment. The continuance for the industrial preparation is about 9 hebdomads. All of the grade of pupils demands to hold two times of industrial preparation and this study described about the 2nd clip of the industrial preparation study.

This study describe about the industrial preparation for 2nd twelvemonth pupil of International Business Program from School of Business Innovation and Technopreneurship of university Malaysia Perlis. I am holding my 2nd clip of industrial preparation at Skykod Polyscience Sdn Bhd which is located at Sungai Petani, Kedah. Skykod Polyscience Sdn Bhd is fabricating company which focal point on Life Science, specializes in nosologies and biotechnology. The industrial preparation is started on 26th June 2012 and stop on 24th August 2012.

The contains of this industrial study consists of the brief debut of Skykod Polyscience Sdn Bhd and the background of the company. In add-on, the study besides province about the undertaking I have done during the preparation in the company. Other that that, the study besides contains the accomplishment, cognition, experience, job and challenges that I confronting during this two months.

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First of all, I want to thank God for me to finish the industrial preparation swimmingly and my journey of during this two months is in His cloud nine. Besides that, I besides want to give this undertaking to my parents, lectors, co-workers and all my friends for being with me and assisting me in each manus every hard faced in this undertaking completion and all those who taught me, trained me and smooth my abilities.

I want to hold million of thanks to the most cherished individuals in my life, my parents for all their support either in moral support or fiscal support. In the other side, I besides need to hold particular thanks to my supervisor, Mr SG Yeoh. The supervising and support that she gave during these two months genuinely help the patterned advance and smoothness of the internship plan. I am really appreciating the co-operation from the supervising and the company.

Beside that, I would wish to thank to Ms Salwa who is my co-worker that work under the same section with me. I thank you for all the counsel from her to finish the industrial preparation. She teaches me a batch and helps me when I do the error and willing to learn me new cognition that I can non establish in book. During these eight hebdomads, I realized the value of working together as a squad is really of import.

Not forgotten to thank for the other staffs working at Skykod Polyscience Sdn Bhd. their full kindness assisting and learning me during the 2 months truly appreciated. This internship plan brought us together to appreciate the true value of friendly relationship and regard of each other. I feel really glad and lucky to hold such helpful co-workers and do me ne’er felt left out in any state of affairs. In add-on, I besides want to thank my friends for ever reminding me to be honorable and trusty during the industrial preparation.

Last but non least I would wish to thank UniMAP and CIC ( Centre for Industrial Collaboration ) for forming this two months Industrial Training. I am really appreciating the chances that let me to larn and understand the aim of Industrial Training.


1.0 Introduction

1.1 Company Profile

1.2 Background of the Company

1.3 Organizational Structure

1.4 Nature of the Business

2.0 Detail of Working Experience

On the first twenty-four hours of the working, I was arranged to work in finance section and my place is account helper. In the finance section, I worked with Ms Siti Salwa Binti Sulaiman who is the finance officer. She was the individual who will take me in the working. By the manner, my supervisor is Mr SG Yeoh who is the Finance Director.

Finance section have the duty to command steadfast hard currency flow. So, all the informations and papers are private and confidential. Therefore, I was non allowed to expose those information for other people from different section. The individual who is responsible to command the hard currency flow is MS Salwa with the supervising of Mr SG Yeoh. So, I learn a batch of the procedure from Ms Salwa. When want to do payment to the sellers, we need to acquire the blessing from Mr SG YEoh. He will verify and subscribe the payment if he agrees to make so.

In the other custodies, the section besides uses computing machine system to update or command hard currency in and out between the sellers and the company. The systems the company uses include Microsoft Excel and UBS. At the same clip, the related paperss are registering in the file and maintain in papers control room.

Other than that, I besides have the chance to work with other squad members or colleagues from other section such as Human Resource Department, Warehouse Department, Purchasing Department, Business Development Department and others. As we know, most of the section will be related to finance section, so, I needed to cognize the map of other section. For illustration, when there have buying of stuff from purchase section, there have some papers should be sent from purchase section to finance section to make payment. The related papers include citation, purchase requisition, purchase order ( PO ) , bill and others. in the other custodies, when making paysheet, the Human Resource Department will responsible to cipher the paysheet and allow finance section know the entire sum needed to pay for the employees. When the sum was know, finance section will give to finance manager to let the payment.

2.1 Description of Tasks/ accomplishment and experience addition

As we know, normally, what we had learn during survey is different with what had we really done in the on the job topographic point. This is because in university, there is more tend to theoretical and computations while during in the industrial preparation, I learn how to derive a on the job cognition. This is because the industrial preparation give me the chance to hold a practical attack in which enable me to affect in the environment that I will be confronting in the calling lives after I graduate. Other than that, the industrial preparation besides enables me to use the accomplishments that I had already learned in survey. So, the industrial preparation allow me familiar with the milieus of a on the job environment.

During the two months working in Skykod Polyscience Sdn Bhd, I have experience existent industrial working status which developed and improved my functional every bit good as soft accomplishments in several facets. The accomplishments include computing machine accomplishments, interpersonal accomplishment, communicating accomplishments, and self direction and so on.

2.1.1 Computer Skills

I learned some package during I developing in the company. I was exposed to utilizing UBS system. I realize that the UBS besides has different map when it is used in different section. For illustration, UBS for accounting is to maintain the information of history collectible and history receivable while UBS for paysheet is used to cipher the wage for employees.

Along I work in finance section, Ms Salwa learn me how to used UBS to enter the information and how it is used to look into the dealing. At the beginning, I feel really hard to understand the flow but fortuitously she still really patient to explicate and learn me when I face any job.

Besides that, I besides feel glad to hold the chance to larn the UBS used for paysheet. I have the opportunity to go to the UBS preparation on how to utilize the UBS to cipher the wage of the employees. Furthermore, I besides can larn and pattern how to cipher the paysheet of employees due to the director from admin section who responsible to manage the paysheet was in pregnancy leave. So, the company required Ms Salwa to follow up the undertaking of handle the paysheet. As the consequence, I have the chance to larn and pattern on calculate the paysheet from Ms Salwa.

Other than that, I besides more familiar with the Microsoft Excel after complete the industrial preparation. This is because during the preparation, I besides ever used Microsoft Excel to update the information such as update creditor aging study, cheque listing and others. Before the working in the company, I seldom use the Microsoft Excel and I learn a batch from that.

2.1.2 Interpersonal Skill

My ability in interacting with people such as co-workers and my supervisor better a batch after completes the preparation. Now, I know how to pass on and cover with other people in a nice manner. I found that it is good for me to cover with this people, particularly when they were willing to assist and explicate about the things that I non understood.

In the other custodies, I found that it needs skill when we had to talk though phone with the sellers. How to reply the phone is of import since what we said in the phone will direct give the impact for the company. For illustration, if we non reply in a good mode, it will convey the bad image for the company. so, every clip I answer the phone, the first thing I will make is recognizing and state the company name use a mode voice and tones. I besides will observe down the message left for co-worker in instance the co-worker is non around when I answer the phone. After that, I will allow her know who is naming and told her the message leave by the people who was naming.

2.1.3 Self Management

I besides learn on how to carry on myself decently in the concern environment. I knew how to pull off my clip and set up the undertaking given more efficaciously. I must do certain all the undertakings given must be complete on clip. So, I needed to set up and be after the undertaking good. for illustration, in the first twenty-four hours, my supervisor already give me the assignment on making the flow confab about the procedure of merchandising and purchasing. I plan it carefully and do certain I was non affect or disregard other undertaking when making the assignment.

Besides that, I besides must do certain I was punctual in work and remainder followed the clip fixed by the company. Appropriate garb was besides of import. So, I besides must cognize how to have on decently and pull off my visual aspect good. I found that all of this is really of import since it will convey the good image for the others people to me.

2.1.4 Teamwork Skills

Most of the clip, I was work with Ms Salwa. Along the clip worked with Ms Salwa, I realized work as a teamwork is really of import. It can allow the work more efficaciously and efficiency. She guided me in every undertaking I conducted. Other than that, after I finish my undertaking, she will assist me to duplicate cheque and do certain what I done is right. For illustration, when I record the personal item of the employees in UBS, she will ever remind me to enter it right particularly the sum of the wage because it will impact the paysheet.

2.1.5 Communication Skills

After I complete the industrial preparation, I found that my communicating accomplishments improved a batch. Now, I feel more comfy and have the confident in managing societal state of affairs when run intoing with new people and cognize how to socialising with co-workers of different state of affairss. For illustration, during the meeting of the event for aa‚¬A“Buka Puasaaa‚¬A? during the fasting month, I can voiced out my thought and portion what I think with other the co-worker and truly to have the remark from them. For me, I think the remarks and suggestions from the co-workers are good for me because it can better me and allow me hold better thought.

2.1.5 Leadership Awareness

I feel glad to hold the chance to derive some utile leading penetration by detecting how people led the subsidiaries and how to work out the job facing. I can larn this though experience of attend the meeting and detect how professional manage the events and direction of the state of affairss. During the meeting for the event of aa‚¬A“Buka Puasaaa‚¬A? , I can see how the secretary who is the leader of the meeting handled and distributed the undertaking for all of the people who attend the meeting. As a leader, she will accept and inquire us experience free to give the thought but non merely want all of us accept her thought. It is what a successful leader should hold.

2.1.6 Human dimension of Management

From my observation, I found that the company can form and pull off the employees efficaciously. For illustration, the company gave the undertaking to Ms Salwa on handle the paysheet when the director who responsible to manage the paysheet was in pregnancy foliages. The company felt that this manner was better comparison to engage a impermanent employee to replace that director.

2.1.7 Process Evaluation Analyses

During the two months worked in finance section, I can cognize the procedure of purchasing and selling. In the first twenty-four hours of woking in Skykod Polyscience, my supervisor already give me the assignment on making flow chart about the procedure of buying and merchandising. He wanted me to cognize the procedure of how the company buys the stuff and industry to go the concluding merchandises. During the procedure, I besides learned which paperss are needed and how a payment is done.

2.1.8 Adaptable Problem Solving

When I faced any job in my work, foremost I will seek to work out it by myself foremost. However, if I can non work out the job, I will inquire the others staff to assist me to happen the solution or work out the job. Throughout the period, most of the job arises were proficient such as computing machine and package job.

In the other custodies, when I complete the assignment that given by my supervisor about the flow chart, I besides faced many jobs. I felt the assignment was difficult for me because when I have non understood the company, the supervisor already give me the undertaking. I still retrieve during the first twenty-four hours, I non yet have opportunity to understand the company and still non cognize the nature of the company. so, to work out the job, I needed the aid from other co-workers. I asked the co-worker about the job or inquiries that I did non understand. Fortunately, all of the co-workers were willing to reply my inquiries and impart their custodies to assist me. Besides that, I besides referred the ISO papers of the company to do me more understand the nature of the company and do me happen the reply what I want. I felt sword lily because I have the opportunity to mention the ISO papers and those paperss help me so that I can finish the undertaking given by the supervisor in the clip given.

2.2 Applications of theory and Soft Skills

During the preparation in Skykod Polyscience Sdn Bhd, I found that the basic thing I had learned in the schoolroom is being applied. This gives me an upper manus in understanding things. However, there have still a somewhat different when it is apply in the on the job topographic point, same as reference earlier, what I had learn in schoolroom is more on theoretical piece during in industrial preparation is more tend to practical.

2.2.1 Introduction To Business

Introduction to concern is the topic that I have learned during the semester one. This capable allow me non experience unfamiliar with the concern universe when I holding the industrial preparation in Skykod Polyscience Sdn Bhd. When making the assignment of flow chart about the procedure of merchandising and purchasing, the BASIC of debut to concern assist me a batch. For illustration, I know Skykod Polyscience Sdn Bhd is a fabricating company and it is a type of sole bargainer which is one of the four types of concern in this universe.

In add-on, after learn the topic of Introduction to Business, I know every company has different short term and long term ends which are some clip known as mission and vision of the company. So, the company ever focuses on many methods which can enable the company to achiev and reache those short and long term ends. The constructs of planning, forming, taking and commanding are used by the company to accomplish those ends. Furthermore, I besides have the chance to larn about concern on manner to pull off concern, nature of concern and so on.

2.2.2 Principle of Accounting

I found that the cognition I had learned in category and during in the industrial preparation is different. Although the rule is same, but it still have the derived function among what I had learn and what really in the on the job topographic point. However, the rule of accounting had developed my farther apprehension of accounting rules and their application to fiscal statement. The topic I had learned during in the category truly really utile to me and it conveying the advantages for me in making my undertaking during my preparation in Skykod Polyscience Sdn Bhd.

What I found that the different between theory that I had done and the practical is during survey, what I used to make the dealing of history was utilizing paper work. But during in Skykod Polyscience Sdn Bhd, the dealing of history is utilizing UBS, so, at the beginning, I still non familiar on how to see the dealing of history. So, it made me confuse whether I should enter the information in either debit or recognition. Fortunately, after acquire the account from Ms Salwa, I found that it is every bit same as what I had learned in category.

2.2.3 Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management was one of the topics I had learned on last semester, so, for me, it is still clear remember in my head. I found that what I had learned in the topic of Human Resource Management largely is applied in this company. For illustration, the company provided preparation for the employees on the first twenty-four hours of working. Every employee was compulsory to undergo preparation on the first twenty-four hours of working. The preparation enable every employee understood and cognize about the company and besides what jurisprudence and ordinance should follow. Pass out about the company was distributed and the employees were required to reply the simple inquiry harmonizing the press release given. I besides observed that different section will be given different inquiry to reply. That means the preparation for employees who worked in different section required to reply different inquiry. The inquiries were based on the undertaking that they will execute in the on the job topographic point.

2.2.4 Skill and Technology in Communication & A ; Business Communication

I had learned Skill and Technology in Communication in 2nd semester while Business Communication is one of the topics that I had learned in 3rd semester. I felt because I can use what I had learned in Skill and Technology in Communication & A ; Business Communication in the on the job topographic point. I know the accomplishment on how to pass on with different people. Other than that, I besides able to think what the message that people seeking to state harmonizing to their gesture and organic structure linguistic communication. It helped me to avoid make the things that my supervisor did non like and besides avoid me to make the incorrect thing every bit good as scold by my supervisor.

2.2.4 International Finance

The topic of International Finance made me more easy familiar in the on the job topographic point. This is because the company can see as transnational company which has trade with the company from other states such as Singapore. I still retrieve the currencies of different states are non same. So, with the cognition cubic decimeter learned, I know how to cipher the currency of different state when wanted to do payment.

2.2.5 Cultural Relation

I had learned the topic of Ethnic Relation before I had undergo industrial preparation in Skykod Polyscience Sdn Bhd. so, I know how to remain and pass on with people from different races such as Muslim and Indian. In Skykod Polyscience Sdn Bhd, I found that most of the employees are Muslim. However, I think it is non a job for me since I ever try to do myself at at that place. I try to follow myself so that I can remain and work peaceable with the co-workers who are from different races. I ever made certain I treat all of the co-workers really good and ne’er intend to them. So, we will travel out to hold a tiffin together at least one time a hebdomad. It can do our relationship more closely and at the same clip I can more understand them. In add-on, during the fasting month, I try non to eat or hold a drink in forepart of them as a regard of them.

3.0 Problems and Challenges

I faced a batch of jobs and challenges when I had my industrial preparation in Skykod Polyscience Sdn Bhd but thanks to Gods I had solve those job at the terminal. I found that the first job I faced was the communicating with the other employees. I felt difficult to pass on with the co-workers because I was the new trainee in the company and was non familiar with the working environment and other staffs. At the beginning, I felt I can non fall in with them and merely follow what they asked me to make and merely finish the work they give me without inquiring any inquiry and the ground to make so. Fortunately, all of this merely happened in the first hebdomad because of the unfamiliar with the environment. The following and following hebdomad, I felt really comfy and started familiar with the company and the co-workers and at the same clip, I dare to inquire the inquiry that I did non understand.

Other than that, I found that some of the paperss were non make fulling right. So, when wanted to mention back the paperss, I found that I needed to utilize tonss of clip to happen the paperss. I besides face the job in registering the paperss. For illustration, when Ms Salwa wanted me to registering the paperss, sometime, I did non cognize which file the paperss belong to particularly the papers related to audit.

In the other custodies, I besides faced job when making the hard currency payment verifier and abnk payment verifier. For illustration, when wrote the hard currency payment verifier and give the junior-grade hard currency for the staff, I face the job on bash non cognize how many junior-grade hard currency was needed to give them. The junior-grade hard currency largely is used for the intent of gasoline and told fees when there have cargo or other intent used in little sum.

The job I faced when record the bank payment verifier is some clip I did non cognize which class the payment belong to such as history collectible, public-service corporations, and others. the bank payment verifier is issue utilizing the e-management and it can non hold any error because it will be view by the caput section.

One of the jobs I faced during the two months of working in the company is when I picked up the phone, I ever forgot to recognizing and state out the company name. Furthermore, at the beginning I scare to pick up the phone because I still non retrieve all the co-workers, so, it was difficult for me to reassign the phone. Fortunately, this job was happen for the first hebdomad, after that, I found that I already familiar with it. Another job about the telephone is I need to reassign the phone to another co-worker but I ever forgot the extension figure of that co-worker. This is because before transportation, I needed to dial the extension. I ever must mention the list before transportation those phone.

During the about two months working in Skykod Polyscience Sdn Bhd, I found that I had made some error but I felt it was non really bad for me. This is because after the error will ever remind me to non to make it 2nd clip. Those jobs and challenges will go my valued experience and cognition in my future workplace. I besides realize that if we non inquire people when we do non understand, we will easy to make misidentify. So, we should non experience diffident to inquire for people help when we face any jobs or challenges.

4.0 Suggestions and Recommendations

During the industrial preparation in Skykod Polyscience Sdn Bhd, I found that the company every bit good as Unimap has the infinite in making betterment in several Fieldss. So, I would wish to make some suggestions and recommendations to do both company and Unimap more perfect.

First of wholly, it would be more good if the company willing to make more structured preparation plans. I realize it is non an easier undertaking since the individual who responsible to oversee the practical pupils usually busy with their work load and this suggestion may convey their work more loads or may be will be more emphasis. However, I believe it will non convey the bad consequence to them if they plan it efficaciously. They can pass some clip in be aftering so that it is more comprehensive, structured and organized preparation for the practical pupils. To make so, the in charge supervisor can name and set up the preparation undertaking which will be performed by the trainees. The work of the supervisor will go easier because the trainee will make the undertaking harmonizing to the list and guideline. Therefore, a good preparation agenda is really of import since it can optimise the preparation period. In add-on, if the supervisor truly busy with their work, they can allow the other co-workers to steer the trainees by actioning the preparation agenda. This is pattern by my supervisor when he is busy. So, most of the clip, I worked with Ms Salwa.

Other than that, I found that the computing machine system in the company really slow and old. This is because the computing machines in the office are still utilizing Microsoft Office 2003 and at the same clip, the computing machine besides in old status and I think it is used more than five old ages. So, the computing machine ever lading in a longer clip and this will impact work public presentation and I needed to blow much of clip in delay the computing machine 2 burden. Furthermore, the computing machine some clip will close down by itself all of a sudden. I will be in problem if I work in half manner and bury to salvage the papers while I was utilizing the computing machine. This made my work decelerate down because I needed to re-start the computing machine and so remake the work if I forgot to salvage it.

Besides that, I besides should fix the full set of equipment for the people who foremost twenty-four hours come to work. I still retrieve on the first twenty-four hours work in the company, although I have my ain tabular array but I found that I did non hold cardinal board for my computing machine. So, I needed the aid from IT section to happen the keyboard for me. For my suggestion, I think the company should fix all the equipment and made certain all those equipment must be in good status before the enter of a new employees alternatively the company already know the day of the month I register myself to the company. So, they should fix all the things good before I enter. This can salvage a batch of clip. I can get down my work after I enter but non blow the clip to happen the keyboard.

Another job I faced is I found that some of the files are non label right. Although the bing employees already used to it but for the new coming employees like me, we may non happen the right file or the file they want. So, I would wish to propose that the file should label right and it will besides convey convenience for all the employees and it will salvage clip when want to mention it back.

Besides that, I found that some of the paperss are non arrange in the good manner. They should set up the papers harmonizing to the day of the month so that it is easier for the staffs when they want to mention the papers back. The staff no demands to pass excessively much clip to happen the paperss.

In the other custodies, I would wish to propose Unimap to widen the Industrial preparation to thee month or supra. This is because I found that the two months period is really short and the accomplishment that we can larn is limited because some accomplishment is needed more clip to larn. We besides can non fall in the large undertaking because largely the large undertaking needs longer clip to make the readying. Furthermore, the two months of industrial preparation besides do me difficult to happen the company that want to accept me as the trainee. Most of the company I found would non wish to accept me with the ground that the period of the industrial preparation is excessively short. Most of the companies required the trainee who can work for approximately three months and above.

3.0 Decision

I found that holding industrial preparation in Skykod Polyscience Sdn Bhd is a really good chance for me. I can derive the unforgettable experience which I can non larn it from the category during survey. The preparation truly widen up my heads on what is mean by working environment. I know the theory that I had learn in category is the different in the existent on the job environment. Now, I know how a finance section looks like and what the working range when work under finance section is. I can cognize the process needed when privation to make a payment. It is non every bit easy as what I think. It involves many facets and many sections.


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