Integrative if they issues trade offs then parties

Integrative bargaining
means showing potential interests which is creating joint value between parties
(Jossey Bass,2001).This is also called a negotiation strategy that is
finding  a solution in both parties. In
generally integrative case has no conflict between the two parties, if they
find congenial solution. On the other hand some negotiation are truly
integrative  it is a combination of integrative
and distributive aspects (Walton &Mckersie,1965). In such cases most have
desirability of integrative agreements versus distributive agreements.
Furthermore it is likely to be mutually satisfaction between these two
agreements and greater willingness to abide by the agreement and lowered
willingness to adopt more tactics in the future relationship (Pruitt &

Integrative bargaining
is satisfactory solution, rather than less cooperation. Because the parties
will have well cooperation with each other they tried to be solved both parties
problem equally distributed cost to the party,when the parties dedicate their
true needs and concerns-their basic interests (Fisher,Ury &
Patton,1991).Integrative bargaining claim interests between two parties mixed
motive bargaining task and concern for one’s 
as well as the other side’s interests (Pruitt & Rubin ,1986) as well
as persistence and effort. Besides extraversion associated positively with
realizing more integrative potential, because integrative bargaining trained
exploration of ideas facilities.

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However a distaste for
conflict may make it harder to one’s needs with clarity and conviction. The
costs of agreeableness might be counteract the benefits of agreeableness,
result will make an no effect. The one thing we believe that conscientiousness
has same effect for both integrative and distributive bargaining. Besides
integrative agreements is important because of parties achieve a higher joint
outcome and mere compromise agreement (Carnevale and Pruitt, 1992; Follett,

 Integrative agreements bridging the two
parties. If one party  does not try to
progress of  their position that probably
create an agreements more attractive for the other party. Bridging developed
that meets each side’s ability and willingness to trade issues with each other
(Forman & Cohen, 1970; Wallton  and
Mc kersie , 1965): if they issues trade offs then parties can achieve higher
joint benefits ( Carnevale and Pruitt , 1992).In both cases mutual concessions
is necessary because some issues are compromise while perusing others and
concessions. Research has shown that the number of cognitive, motivational and
emotional barriers (Thompson et al, 2010 or Lewicki et al,2007).

Moreover integrative
bargaining has some personality effects too. This is non-zero- sum encounter
and it has possibility for joint gain from negotiation. Besides party has
greater knowledge about  bargainers and ability
to have find solution when they face integrative bargaining situations. Because
integrative bargaining help to fulfill the planning  and it has ability to acquire and interpret
complex information about the other party’s interests.

Integrative situations
also present new opportunities which have positive impact on interests. That’s
why   Integrative bargaining is
substantially difficult to solve but  easy
to understand. Sometimes bargainers face complexity because the ability to
integrates are unadjusted to information and realize that integrative outcomes
through communication is low in complexity (Pruitt& Lewis,1975).

In this personality
effect mental contrasting also lead to enhanced perspective taking which is a
major building block of integrative bargaining (Galinsky et al,2008). Mental
contrasting may effect as an integrative invasion. So achieve a goal of one’s
party lead higher quality of agreements to understand the mental contrasting.
Furthermore strong goals commitment, discrimination among the means to goal
achievements and perspective taking and useful for the other integrative
solution. A strong goal generally promotes more profitable agreements ( Polzer
and Neale,1995); so integrative bargaining outcomes also taking  perspective and understand how to meet one’s
party demand without conceding.

            Integrative bargaining unexplored aspiration because of
the qualitative nature of the integrative negotiation. There is no chance to
moderating influence of aspirations would operate differently in a situation
with integrative potential. Having knowledge about the opponent’s true
interests and the basic thing of integrative bargaining is it will be make little
cost of themselves.


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