Interview Project
What type of research should be done before getting interviewed for a company?
Research the position being interviewed for and any other positions if there are openings, Also find out all you can about the company such as the mission statement, product offerings, and market. 
What is one way to prepare for possible future questions from the interviewer?
Search up and create questions that the interviewer might ask and run through them multiple times to eliminate stutter and confusion.
where do you find where the company your applying for is located?
Find address on company website and do a test drive to be more familiar with the route.
Why is knowing the interviewers name and number important?
Knowing the name and pronouncing it properly is respectful and shows that you didn’t overlook it. The phone number is very important for communication between the interviewer and interviewee.

What would be an appropriate outfit for a woman dressing up for an interview?
Suit/skirt, the shirt you wear under the suit jacket shouldn’t reveal cleavage, and both the shirt and jacket should be long-sleeved. Closed toe low heels, such as two to three inches. Not a lot of jewelry to avoid being flashy.
What would be an appropriate outfit for a man dressing up for an interview?
Go with a solid color suit rather than a pattern with a traditional cut. Pick a tie that complements the suit without being loud or obnoxious. Button your shirt all the way to the top. Your shoes should look shiny and new, so polish them before the interview.

What type of grooming should man do before interview?
Clean shaven or trimmed face and neatly combed or arranged hair.
How should a man/woman’s hygiene be before an interview?
Be clean and neat, including your fingernails, teeth, shoes, hair and face. Reason being to show that if you tidy up yourself you will do the same at work.
How much perfume/cologne should be used for an interview?
Use sparingly or none at all. Your “scent” should not linger after you leave.
How much jewelry can be used for an interview?
No visible body piercing (nose, eyebrow, tongue, etc.) wear minimum jewelry
How early should you arrive to an interview?
You should arrive at the interview 5-10 minutes early.

Try not get there more than 15 minutes before your scheduled interview time.

Why is it important to check in with the receptionist for an interview?
How the candidate deals with ordinary staff during the interview matters.

How do you determine how to pronounce the Interviewer’s name?
Know the name of the interviewer so that you can ask for that person at the receptionist’s desk, Also ask the receptionist if your pronouncing the name correctly. 
What should you not do while waiting in the receptionists office for an interview?
Do not exhibit unprofessional behavior, such as humming or singing aloud to your ipod, applying make-up, or flossing your teeth. It shows that you have total disregard for the people around you.

How would you greet the interviewer?
Address the interviewer respectfully. Greet him/her with a firm handshake and introduce yourself.
What type of handshake should you not have?
Don’t have a limp or clammy handshake, it shows that you are nervous and timid.
When should you sit during an interview?
Wait until you are offered a chair before sitting.

When speaking to the interviewer, Where should you be looking?
Have eye contact with the interviewer. Any given eye contact should last about five seconds at a time.
How should your posture be while at an interview?
sit upright and look alert and interested at all times. Don’t fidget or slouch.

What should you not do/bring with you to an interview?
Don’t chew gum during the interview.

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Eat/drink before the interview, not during it. Don’t answer cell-phone calls during the interview, and do turn off (or set to silent ring) cell phones.

What should you avoid when speaking during an interview?
Avoid using poor language, slang, and pause words (such as “like,” “uh,” and “um”).

 Don’t be soft-spoken.

How should your attitude be during an interview?
Have a high confidence and energy level, but don’t be overly aggressive. Don’t act as though you would take any job or are desperate for employment.

How should you answer questions during an interview?
Don’t ever lie. Answer questions truthfully, frankly and succinctly. And don’t over-answer questions.

What are three examples of what an interviewer is looking for?
Body language, eye contact, and personality for job.

These qualities show the interviewer that you attentive about the way you act.

Why should you thank the interviewer?
Purpose is to Show appreciation for the employer’s interest in you.
What should you do to convince the interviewer you should be hired?
Sell yourself. Selling yourself assures the interviewer you have confidence and that is an essential trait in the work field.
How long should you prepare for an interview?
Although there is no specific time to prepare for an interview, make sure you look nice and appropriate for it.
If you’re not hired, what should you do?
Find a new job. There are plenty of job opportunities out there you may be interested in.

If you’re offered water should you take it?
Yes, doing so shows you’re polite. Politeness is a very important aspect to have, as no one wants to hire a rude person.
Why should you always be honest?
You should always be honest because employers will find out if you’re lying.

Honesty is a quality looked upon and may be the reason you get the job rather than someone else.