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Have you heard about Virtual Reality or VR? If not, then you are behind in the knowledge of new technology. For starters, it is nothing but a device, which gives the experience of visiting a place or graphical world or third dimension entry or a 360-degree view of reality on your phone with the help of a pair of glasses. Here, in this article, we will inform you about its application in the real estate industry. Now, the question is how is it possible to use the virtual reality in the real estate? Will it revolutionize the world of real estate industry? What does it do? Is it affordable?  To find the answer to these question continue to read the article.

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1.      It makes the life of real estate agent easier

If you are a real estate agent then just think about the different difficulties you face in your job. First comes traveling. You need to travel from one place to another place to just to show the property to the client. Then comes the traffic problem. If it is peak time, then you will waste a lot of time on traveling. Then comes the clash between appointments. If you are late or miss one appointment then your schedule will crash. Then comes the problem of repeating everything to the client. You need to explain the detail to every new client. If the property is a hot selling property then you need to balance the crowd. With the help of VR, you can do all of this by sitting in your office. Just create 3D videos, 360-degree videos and site tour with voiceover for all of your property. It solves your problems

2.      Client will  be happy

We always see clients complain about the quality of pictures and brochures. They complain about the different look of property in reality and on a photo. They complain about the time of servicing or waiting time. They even feel the burden of traveling to different places to examine the property. With VR, they can look at all of the properties just by sitting at their houses. For the second opinion, they can visit the place.

3.      Your reputation will increase

Technology and innovations always impress people. If you are using new technology, like virtual reality then it will definitely impress your client. He will think you are too modern. They think you want to make their life easier by providing all your info about the property right on their mobile devices. They can even show the property to their friends and relatives for a better opinion. Overall, it will create a better impression on your client.

4.      It is very economical and time-saving

The initial investment may be a little bit high. However, once you have a virtual reality app and VR content of your property then it will save a lot of time and money for you. It will save traveling expenses for both you and your client. There will be no problem of traffic. You can handle multiple clients. There is no need for photos as you have virtual reality video itself.

5.      3D design and illustration of new plan

If you are constructing a new property then you need a new plan for your building or house. If your site engineer has designed building layout then you need a 3D model to get a clear idea of how your building look. By using VR, they can develop a 3D model for you.


There is no doubt that VR will revolutionize the world of real estate by integrating technology and virtual world in your pocket.



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