INTRODUCTION market. Through extensive secondary research, this report


The following report will evaluate the brand Massimo Dutti and will
propose a brand extension in response to the changing fashion market. Through
extensive secondary research, this report will analyse Massimo Dutti’s current
position within the UK and their global success.

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Massimo Dutti, founded in
1985,  is a Spanish brand that sold modern
men’s fashion. Since 1985, the clothing giant has expanded
globally from its homely roots and now has its own stores in almost every part
of the world. In 1995, the commercial format of Massimo Dutti was purchased by
the multinational clothing group- Inditex. Inditex, being one of the world’s
largest fashion distributors and retailers, houses eight distinct brands
including: Zara, Pull, Stradivarius, Oysho, Zara Home and Uterqüe
(Inditex, no date). Since 1963 the Inditex Group have managed to obtain 7,405
stores in 94 markets globally (See Figure 1 in the appendix for additional
information). Its distinctive model has been the key element to Massimo Dutti’s
rapid international expansion and performance. 

Massimo Dutti currently obtain 869 stores in over 74 countries, operating:
Womenswear, Menswear, Kidswear, Accessories, Personal Tailoring and
Fragrance lines. (-Inditex, 2017)


(-Inditex Financial Documents, Full 2016 Fiscal Year)

Mission Statement and Brand Values

‘Massimo Dutti is committed to offering all its customers a
high standard of excellence, quality, health and safety in its products, and
communicating this in a clear and transparent manner. Its products are made
ethically and responsibly.’
– (Massimo Dutti, 2017)

As shown above is Masimo Dutti’s mission statement which
explores the desire to produce ethical products with quality in mind. Their
mission statement comes with a no-strings-attached outlook as they aim to
communicate their brand with a ‘transparent manner’.

As shown in Figure 2 of the appendix,
Massimo Dutti’s parent organisation, Inditex, do not tolerate the act of modern
slavery or human trafficking. The implementation of this from Massimo Dutti can
be seen on their website imperatively titled ‘Act on modern slavery’. Figure 3
suggests why the concern is so pressing for the Inditex group. As shown, Asia
is the highest contributing supplier for their supply chain (providing 938
suppliers in 2016). In conjunction to this the Global Slavery Index (GSI) found
that nearly two-thirds of human trafficking came from Asia alone, proving the
need for Inditex’s company values. 

Massimo Dutti Values : Style, Comfort, Function, High Quality,
Elegance, Desirability and Classic Appearances 


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