Introduction:The of website contains the data storage for

Introduction:The world is moving at its own pace in order to maintain the velocity with the globe.The enormous growth in the use of the advanced technologies over the last decade has led to radical changes to the way that people consume and share information.In banking and goverment online data storage systems  hacking is prominet issue in the world of technology.Thesis Statement:Although serious problems have arisen due to hacking tricks ,there are some possible solutions,which this essay will explained.Outline:In current era ,Govermental sectors are affected by computer hacking and unauthorized data accessing at alaraming rate.There are many problmes due to hacking in global.  Email bombing – Attacks done through emails as sign up confirmation and pasword reset link.For this we have to delete spam mails and use captacha to sign up and dont click or hover  on the advertisment.Electrical transfer fraud – Finanicial attacks done through leaking the personal and account information such as account number and pin no of atm card.Money will withdraw through this information that is hacked through website.So we have to aware about fake phone calls and websites that metioned your account number details.Govermental website /unauthorized access on website  – Goverment are making websites for educational and economical purposes.In this type of website contains the data storage for thousand and more peoples.hacking in this domain creates the reveal of the personal information and sensitive data of the country.for this security website checking should be done.Problem 1 : Email Bombing Email bombing is a form of internet abuse in which massive volumes of identical emails are sent to a specific email address to affect the operating system of a computer.It is common technique is used by hackers or cyber crimers to attack.When person is receving mail for blog forum signup confirmation and password reset email links,then it is  used by criminals to cover up a more danger attack.For an instance, huge email bombs spot the .gov addresses with subscription requests to thousands of email records.Sometimes hackers send giant amount of mail may fill up the disk space on the server and server starting to getting slow.Advertising is one of the symptoms of mail attacking. An unresponsive system or inability to send or receive emails can be implications­­­ of getting email bombed.Mass mailing ,List linking and zip bombing are the methods of email bombing.Sending some duplicate emails to the same address but it can be possible that get unmasked  by spam filters.Secondly,List Linking associates subscribing the destination email address to offbeat email checklist subscriptions.Zip bombing defined as a ZIP archived attachments containing millions and billions of characters in mail.Briefly, email bombing is done through unwanted advertisments ,subscription and registering websites through mail inboxes.Problem 2 : Electronic funds transfer Fraud Electronic Funds Transfer is a system of transferring money from one bank account directly to another without any banknotes or coins changing hands.Without any exchange notes or coins the system is  transferring money from one bank account directly to another called EFT(Electronic Funds transfer).Eft is refered as computer systems that performed finiancial transactions electronically using an electronical terminal like atm,credit card etc.Payments are done through the bank transaction.Electrical fraud is mainly happned in banking transaction systems.electrical fraud is taking place where person is sharing the personal account information or pin numbers  on website or fake calls which are asking for account inquiry.When hackers get the information on such this account they will withdraw the amuount in particular account.The most dangerous disadvantage is that one can not rolled back the money transcation in net banking.when person is doing  net banking then they have to share password and account information on the website.Through this unauthorized information hacker will achieve the data of personal account pin information.Problem 3 : Government website/unauthoried access hacking:Government is the base of the nation’s growth.Government provide the facilities  through internet or online services. hosted 700 goverment websites in domains like and govermental sites. there are sensitive information about the country’s people and people are putting trust on it.So one can share their identification details like driving lciense proof ,Election Card details and Adhar card details.Hackers will indentify personal information. Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In),tracked and reported information  a total of 371, 189, 155 and 13 government websites were hacked by various hacker groups during the year 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 (January), respectively.Goverment website hacking is biggest issue for nation’s growth and sensitive data are not much more secured in gov sites.So people are afraid of vulnerable attacks of virus in computer systems.Gaining access to the website,service,program or other systems using someone’s account is called as Unauthorized access.


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