Islam has promoted the acquirement of knowledge since

Islam has promoted the acquirement
of knowledge since its beginning. This is supported by sayings attributed to the
Prophet Mohammad such as “Seek knowledge even though it be in China.” and “The acquisition
of knowledge is compulsory for every Muslim, whether male or female.”1 Therefore, Muslims
should acquire both religious and worldly knowledge as a requirement of their
faith. This is for the benefit of both self and humanity.

have understood the important benefits of knowledge since the early history of
Islam, and there are many examples
throughout its rich history where Muslims made very important contributions towards
enriching and advancing the scientific and cultural ingenuity of human
civilization. For example, Muslims were greatly advancing the fields of
architecture, astronomy, geography, history, literature, mathematics and physics
while Europe was still in the Dark Ages. In Medieval Europe, Muslims introduced
algebra and, along with it, Arabic numerals with the principle of the zero
changing the field of mathematics forever.2

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Muslims also introduced such specialized
and sophisticated instruments as the astrolabe and the quadrant, which aided them
and those that followed in producing better navigational maps.  Many
scholars credit Muslim philosopher Ibn Khaldoun for inventing sociology long before
Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Likewise, the philosopher Averroes (Ibn Rushd) sought
the meaning of our existence and brought Europe a greater understanding of


Even today, Islam is not against any modern
inventions that benefit humankind. For example, just as a knife can be useful
or harmful, the internet can provide education or evil. It is the user’s
choice on how to apply these things for the good of humanity, and not cause
harm to self or others, as Islam commands.  Otherwise, failure to use these
things toward the benefit of self and humankind goes against the teachings of


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