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It was a cold weather in the morning in the city Agra. Raja Akbar and Birbal were on a tour of a river garden, which was situated near the bank of the Yamuna river. Suddenly, while walking in the garden, an idea came into Birbal’s mind. He spoke with King Akbar that a man can do anything for money. Upon hearing this, Akbar put his fingers in the water of the nearby river and took it back, because the water was very cold.King Akbar told Birbal, “Is there any person, who can stay in this chilling water of Yamuna, for a whole night?” Birbal replied to Akbar, “I am absolutely sure that I will find such a person, who will become ready to do this work for money.” On hearing this Akbar said to Birbal, “If you come to bring such a person to us and he succeeds in doing this work, then we will give him hundred gold coins.”The next day, Birbal started searching for the person and he got a Brahmin who was very poor and agreed to stay in the lake water all night for hundred gold coins. The man went to the river and kept himself in the cold water of the river Yamuna. King Akbar’s soldiers were also standing near the river to guard that poor Brahmin throughout the night to ensure that he stayed whole night in the river only. He stood all night long in the water of that river. The next morning, the man was brought to the court in front of King Akbar. Akbar asked the person, “How can you stay in the so much cold water for all night?The poor Brahmin said in the answer, “O King, I was watching a lamp of your palace whole night and feeling the warmth of it. So, I kept my mind away from cold. As soon as Akbar heard this, He said, “There will not be any reward for such a person who spent the entire night on the cold water by getting the warmth of my palace lamp”.The poor became very sad to hear this and asked Birbal’s help. The next day, Birbal did not go to the King’s Darbar. The king asked courtiers about Birbal, No one had any idea that why Birbal had not come to court today. When the king became upset, he sent his soldiers to Birbal’s house. When the soldiers returned from the house of Birbal, they told King Akbar that unless Birbal’s khichdi cooked up, he would not come to the court. The king waited for a few hours and on the same day, he went to Birbal’s house. When he reached, he noticed that Birbal was sitting and trying to make “Khichdi”, which was in a bowl, which was hung up about five feet above the fired woods.The King and his soldiers laughed at this. Akbar said, “How can your khichdi be cooked while the bowl filled with it is far away from the fire?”Birbal replied, “If a person can be able to spend time in the cold water of the river whole night with the heat of a lamp, which was so far in your palace, why can not the khichdi be cooked while it is only five feet away from the fire.”King
Akbar realized his mistake and gave the reward (hundred golden coins) to that
poor brahmin.


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