It citizens of the U.S. can stop crying

It is hard to imagine life with no insurance. If any individuals has any type of medical problem that demands attention, and you have the applicable healthcare insurance then you will most definitely be cared for. What happens if someone does not have insurance and has to have a major surgery but does not have the health insurance necessary to cover the procedure? What happens if a need of medical insurance prevents individuals from seeing their physicians, which can result in multiple health conditions that have not been recognized but that could have been treated way before the health issue became critical. This type of situation happens daily for individuals that have no insurance or can not afford insurance for them and their families. Health Care Reform is one of the many concerns for thousands of people who actually have insurance, for the individuals that can not afford health insurance and the price of health care for the world. One of the major issues in America is the need for a new healthcare system. Medicare is one of the important parts of the healthcare system. Medicare is not the only issue that is going on. There is going to be a big amount of individuals that are going to be uninsured. There have been multiple attempts to for all Americans to have universal healthcare in the United States. All the many attempts that were made none of the attempts were approved. It is time for the government to take steps away from looking at other things that are going on in the country and look to meeting the needs of all U.S. citizens. Many families are not receiving the proper health care that they need because of the many circumstances. Changes need to be made right away so that all Americans are able to get the affordable insurance that they need. The need for medical care and not having the proper insurance to get the care you need is causing many deaths that could be avoided if they would have had affordable insurance. It is time to start spending the necessary money where it is needed so that citizens of the U.S. can stop crying out for help when it comes to their medical needs. The United States health care reform is one of the most talked about topics because everyone can be affected by it even the individuals who work on a daily basis. It has been several heated debates amongst the two major parties and will be until the health care reform is resolved. Many families around the world are not getting the healthcare that is needed, due to the many circumstances you have to go through to get it. Not having insurance does not only affect the young children but the elderly as well. The United States is the only developed country in the world that does not have a universal healthcare system for all their civilians.


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