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It is an immense pleasure to recommend one of my best students, Mr. Dineshkumar Lakshmanan into the post graduate program at your esteemed University. As the Class Advisor, I have known him for the past 4 years. He is a highly intelligent, skilful, communicative and honest person who has the ability to lead a team towards the objective. During his 4-year course of study in Mechanical Engineering, I have handled the following subjects for him: Engineering Thermodynamics in III semesterGas Dynamics and Jet Propulsion in VI semester Advanced I.C. Engines in VIII semesterDineshkumar is a sincere and diligent student and has shown a consistent increase in his grades throughout his undergraduate program. His performance in subjects like Engineering Thermodynamics and Advanced I.C. Engines has been brilliant. He has shown great interest in the field of Thermal Engineering which has led him to successfully complete his projects in the same field.I have seen Dineshkumar as a student who is capable of adapting himself to any kind of situation and efficiently completing the work. One of the abilities that I like about him is that I have seen a keen urge in him to understand engineering concepts beyond the theoretical purview which reflects his potential for Research.Apart from academic, Dineshkumar has a lot of interest in design and he is well versed in AutoCADand solid works. He has a natural trait to adapt and learn new things faster than his fellow team members. In his final semester he very diligently undertook a project on ‘Analysis of tube failure in water tube boiler’ which proved him as a highly capable person.Therefore, to conclude, I have had the opportunity to witness Dineshkumar’s academics andremarkable character. I sincerely believe that he is unquestionably a suitable candidate for a Master’s program. With his passion to pursue a career in Mechanical Engineering coupled with curiosity and creativity, I am sure he will add value wherever he goes. Therefore, I give Dineshkumar the highest possible strong recommendation without any reservations.


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