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         It might be hard to believe that maybe less than a century ago, only privileged students were able to attend elementary or secondary school, and the same pattern continued until the education system became part of human rights in most countries. Even so, many countries still do not offer education to female gender. But this is an argument about gender equality so I’m not going to bore you with that. Similarly as time went by only those wealthy families were able to send their kids to university/college. However today in Canada with the help of scholarships and the government anyone can achieve higher education. The possibility of post-secondary education becoming compulsory is very likely to happen in the near future.

       A few decades ago if someone didn’t have a university degree, they could easily find a job, not necessarily a great one but a decent one.  However today, almost all jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree, and even if you have one that wouldn’t guarantee you a good position. The more educated people enter the job market, the harder finding a job gets for those without a degree. Besides jobs are becoming increasingly specialized, and occupations that existed a few years ago don’t exist now just because of technology/computers. Most people who choose not take the path to post secondary education end up without a career. They may argue that they want to work as a waiter or salesperson but what if in the future computers or robots replace those workers. With the speed that the technology is improving each day, robots as workers do not sound impossible, for example a restaurant in Japan is completely operated by robots. Therefore while the need for professionals is increasing the need for humans as cashiers or salespeople is decreasing noticeably.

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        Imagine a society where everyone has a university degree, and they’re all educated. To me that looks like a very peaceful place. If everyone has completed higher education, they will less likely feel the need to attempt robbery or other crimes for so many reasons, one being the fact that students who attend university are goal oriented  Different sectors in the society would operate more efficiently, and the outcome will be much better. Because with knowledge comes a sense of logic that no life experience can teach, so people tend to make better life decisions. In addition higher education doesn’t necessarily have to be gained in a university, there are colleges or other courses that provide many benefits to students. In addition educated people can impact their country in a great way such as improving the economy. 


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