It they pollute the environment and endanger peoples

It was on New Years Eve, when I saw the many fireworks in the sky, that I thought about why those fireworks are comparatively cheap to buy. After all they pollute the environment and endanger peoples health, not to speak of the waste left for the public services to clean up in the morning. So I wondered, why were those fireworks not taxed higher? Since I was a child I have always thought about the world and what happened in it, in this way. Even when I did not know that such a thing as the economy existed, I thought about why some people are poor and others rich. When I saw a beggar on the streets I felt not only pity, but the desire to understand what got him there and how one could help him and others like him in the long term as well. To me personally this is what economics is all about. Ensuring, that people are well off, improving social structures and making the actions of persons, corporations and the government more efficient to the purpose of the greater good. In this way economics have fascinated me for a long time, but as I grew up, learned more about these questions and began to get intrigued by current world issues, I started to become even more amazed. The notion, that economists are able to not only explain why people would act in a certain way, but also to explain the greater movements in the economy, the very foundation our social system is built on, through mathematical modeling astonished me. The knowledge of the fact, that why a beggar is living on the street can in part be explained through mathematics led me to a whole new understanding of the subject and in the end inspired me to study it at university.
I started to really delve into economics when I got into eleventh grade. My school offered the chance to participate in a simulated stock exchange. For me there could be no doubt about participating. I gathered a few friends and formed a team, which entered the competition right away. It was at this time as well that I started to be able to legitimately contribute to the many discussions about the economy, politics and the society led between my parents and my older brothers at the dinner table. Getting more and more involved, I decided that I wanted to read more about the present-day issues of the world, so I bought my first copy of „The Economist”. Later on, I became an avid reader, even subscribing to the magazine. I could not get enough of it. While my interest for economics grew, my interest for mathematics and its applications grew as well. Over the course of the last years of me going to school I started to see the beauty and helpfulness of it ever more and therefore, as my interest grew, my mathematical abilities grew as well and my performance in school improved continuously leading up to me choosing it as one of the four subjects I took my final exams in. After taking all of this into account, when I graduated last April it seemed self-evident to me, that studying economics was the obvious choice for me.
Even then I knew, not having the chance at the time, that I would always prefer to study at a university in Britain. Now, half way through my first semester at a German university, having seen what economics at university-level is really about, I am as firm as ever in my belief that studying in the United Kingdom would fit me perfectly. The main reason for this is that, when I attended an international boarding school in Canada for a semester in tenth grade, I got to appreciate the cultural exchange and the opportunities to learn from these encounters. The British way of life and amazes me like no other and I desperately want to repeat the enormously enriching experience I had back then. I believe that London is the lively, cosmopolitan and vibrant city I am looking for. I am also convinced that the same attributes apply to your university, which ranks among the worlds most important academic institutions. For these reasons I ardently desire to enter a course in economics at your university.


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