“It time to do the things that you

“It doesn’t matter how tough we are; trauma always leaves a scar.

It follows us home; it changes our lives. Trauma messes everybody up, but maybethat’s the point. All the pain and the fear and the crap. Maybe going throughall of that is what keeps us moving forward. It’s what pushes us. Maybe we haveto get a little messed up, before we can step up.” Being tough all your life is extremely hard for most of us. Showingthat won’t help even a little tiny bit, instead it will create more complexproblems than what we have in our hands.

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The word “Tough” had always been a lot of weight in our tongues. Wewish that we could say that we are scared, we can’t do that, we fear that butall that comes out is sadness and cries. Staying all night thinking of what will happen if we couldn’t standthat. Thinking of things that shouldn’t be thought of. It develops a barrier between ourselves and the world around us.Not letting us enjoy life and feeling like were locked inside a cell, so firmlythat we cannot stand it anymore. Our minds aren’t well developed and can’t handle all that pressure.Feeling that we need someone to talk to, someone who knows me well so that hecould fix me, so that he could heal me instead of killing me slowly withoutknowing what’s wrong with me.

Experiencing all that in such small ages isn’t fine and is neededto be solved. The environment around us isn’t helping us and we thought itwould. It is like were in a concealed in a place we don’t know and it’s hard tofind the way out.

Pain maybe the one who keeps us from moving and going forward orit’s the factor that lets us know how to deal with what’s next and getting overit. Messing up a bit can lead totwo ways. It’s either leveling up and a small scar will be remembered or goingdownward and making it a big scar that won’t go away.  Alexa’s story is a full ofadventures based on problems that piled up and formed a good book to read.

Going through all that made her realize how hard life is and the fact that lifeis easy isn’t a fact anymore to her.  “This is your lifeDo what you love and do it oftenIf you don’t like something, change itIf you don’t like your job, quitIf you don’t have the time to do the things that you love, maketime Life is simpleOpen your minds, arms, and heart to new thingsAsk the next person you see, what their passion is And share your inspiring dreams with themGetting lost will only help you find yourselfDon’t give up when thing don’t get easily  Continue to work for it until you succeedSome opportunities only come onceStart doing the things that interest you And take part of crazy things, you only dreamed of doing Make the dream a realityAnd wear your passion everywhere you go  Life is about the people you meet, and the things that you doSo go out and start creatingCreating new friends, creating new memories and new dreams Life is way too short so stop saying later cause if not now, when?”  Okay … So let’s see how my miserable life started to appear. Asyou hopped into my world, let me introduce myself.

I’m Alexa, a 13 years oldgirl who lives a life of calculations. Calculating every single step over thesurface. Long stairs, elevators, hills, and everything that count as high tome.

I just can’t help it! I’m afraid of heights, so I should take care of allof the things that made me suffer in my childhood. My childhood isunforgettable for me. It represents my identity; it’s who I am from the insideof my nerves, blood and DNA.  And about my family and friends, they are just as a perfectlyordinary person. My dad William, who is thirty-five years old works at aclimbing games center as a full-time job.

He starts working from 10 a.m. until10 p.m. at night. It’s such a hard job watching kids and talking about safetyall the time. He is very tall and can climb fast just like a spider does. Onlyif climbing counts in the Olympics then my dad would be a famous climber allbecause of the speed he got.

On the other side, my mom Emily, who isthirty-three years old, a fitness trainer at a nearby gym. She walks to workevery day instead of using her car. It’s just 3 blocks away and one turn to theleft.  She works three times a day as apart-time job at a variant time in the day. She works from 6 a.m. till 9 a.

m.as the first part-time job. And then takes a break till 12 p.m. And then workuntil 3 p.m. After that, she takes a break till 6 p.m.

and she ends herpart-time job at 9 p.m. Lastly my little and only brother James, who is nine years old. A4th grader student in a private bilingual school. He had been in his schoolsince pre- kindergarten because of his intelligent mind.He had been to various types of competitions in school and outsideit such as math, science and writing contest also sport related competitions.In a result countless numbers of schools wanted my brother to study in and aswell as Universities have reserved a seat for him. He loves riding his bike to school as a transportation instead of abus seeing that it is less polluting the world.

Furthermore, he always thinksof recycling any object all around the house. He also solves problems quicklyso when our family or one member of it faces a problem we ask him even thoughhe is the youngest. As the quote says people aren’t always smart based on age,it’s on knowledge. I am a lazy person who used to be an active person all the time. Inthe olden days I used to organize all the house and take care of it even thecorners of the rooms and halls. On top of that I used to always argue a bunchof times in the day and talk about stuff that don’t matter for most people likethe little chattels in life.

 Lately I was too lazy tomove even an inch, but now I’m kind of getting to move even though I’m thin anddon’t have any issue with my body or anything. I’m always on my computerwatching Netflix or sleeping because of my boring horrible life. Here is why mylife is like that. CHAPTER 1The Road Trip  Three years before this summer. When school finished, my parentsannounced that we will go on a mini vacation for a week. Furthermore, the tripwill be by the car.

That’s when we got really mad and disagreed on the trip.But I changed my mind when they said that there will be a zip line in an outdoorfestival. When I arrived, I was so hyped and couldn’t believe that I wasthere. As the first few hours pasted my parents couldn’t stop me from being wayto excited. They figured out that if they told me that we will go to the zipline that I wanted to go for ages, I would stop distracting them. I was tooexcited to try the zip line and seeing the view over there.  We had time to go there in the third day while the sun set.

I woremy favorite sporty stretchy pale color shirt to the zip line and a pair ofdenim jeans. And so my parents and little brother did wear their favorite shirtand jeans. The zip line was long androunded about one football courts by length. Before I could snap up the viewthere on top of the wild. They checked my height and weight and then I was readyto go. The zip line was had an amazing speed, when I went off it was betweenfast and normal. The view out there was beautiful, seeing tall and short trees,animals walking, sleeping, and even climbing. Building of all types and houseswith their backyards.

The ocean waves and the surfers fighting the water toshow off their talents.  While I was riding the zip line I imagined myself building a treehouse with my intelligent brother, James. But all of the sudden the zip linestopped. The dream I was imagining about the tree house vanished from my brain,my inner self. After a few seconds I realized that the zip line trolley was stuckin the something. I was scared and shocked at the same time. At that moment Ibegan having a fear of the heights. After that two of the zip line experts that worked there came to mefrom each side and tried to figure out the problem.

The zip line trolley gotinto the rope so they asked if they could pull me back and forth to get out thetrolley from the rope itself.  Finally, after few tries andfew minutes later the trolley got out of the rope and I got to the other sideby crawling on the rope upside-down. At first I thought that was scary but Igot the hang of it at the end of the journey of zip lining. But the story didn’t endafter that. The stuff there apologized for that and told me if I or other memberof the family wanted to zip line again or have the money back again. My familyjust choose to have the money back after a short family talk. That was thefirst and last time I zip lined in my entire life!  We went straight to thehotel in our gray rented car.

The rest of the day was just dad and Jameswatching matches or playing PlayStation on TV. My mom and I just made the bed,stuffed the cabinet with clothes, prepared what to wear for the rest of thedays, and finally cooked a delicious dinner of oatmeal for all of us preparedcoffee for dad and herself. On the side some vegs to full up our mutualismafter a long hard working day.  The next day, dad searched up for local climbing game center tohave fun.

There were a bunch of them but they didn’t seem to be a great placeto go to. Finally, after bazillion hours of searching we found a pretty decentlocal climbing game center. It was a huge one and hadmany exciting games of all different kinds. Tall walls filled up the place withchalk wall over the ground. Kids from different ages playing with each other.

It seems to be as an indoor playground that even elders can have fun at. The place had many sections just like any climbing game centerwould be. Trampolines were on a side and climbing in the Clip ‘n Climb section.And a side were people who love to leap in a parkour-like place. Slides are themost played game in that climbing center as they have a variety of slides. Alsoa rope course that has thrilling trails waiting for me to ride it.

Many bikes,skateboard and roller skates are parked in a place where riders can Skate ‘nRide in that zone. The games there were quite good. And on the last bit of the timeafter we planned to head back home, James ended up injuring his arm in the leapzone and had to get a cast for a month.

It was so painful to see him fall fromthe top of the game to the ground hurt with a cracked bone. He slipped his footon the corner of the cylinder and hit a bunch of them will going down. The rest of the short traveling vacation didn’t end up as wewanted. We had to go back home as fast as we can because mom’s manager offeredher to work with celebrity about the age of mine. I got glad and all my familydid. We returned home in the 5th day and when we got home after a long trip.All of us decided to take a nap but the nap turned into a long sleep.

 Usually my family and I got up at seven a.m. but in that specificday we got up at nine and half a.m. I suppose we were just tired to get up.

That morning I felt full of energy and returned all the clothesback to the cabinet while they were sleeping and made the breakfast table thatwas consisted of cereal and coffee for my parents and hot chocolate for Jamesand I. After that I woke them upand ate breakfast then asked James if he wanted to jog with me around theNeighborhood. James couldn’t do much since he injured his arm. He haddifficulties doing basic things with his left hand because he was bornright-handed.

However, James decided to jog with me for an hour and then returnhome. I helped him get dressed and tie his shoes and also comb his hair. We went to jog at 10 in the morning. That jog got pretty welltherefore, we discovered new places that were opened recently and someabandoned houses and malls.  Furthermore, James found anear forest to his school. We walked in and as we got into the forest I found adog that was trapped in a hole that was a little deep. James and I tried to gethim out but we couldn’t.

In a result, we went to back home as fast as we can. On the wayhome we didn’t see any signs that said that there was a lost dog. We wentstraight to our parents and told them about that lost dog and how that placelooked like. Meanwhile, my dad called the animals services and told them aboutthe dog.

As James described the dog to dad, I went to search for anything thatcould help like long rope, meat, water and most importantly a dog toy. My family and I then headed to that forest waiting for the animal’sservices to arrive. After a few minutes later they came. Moreover, the dog wasrescued and didn’t have any dreadful injuries.

  The dog was a white Huskythat turned out to be a puppy. He had blue eyes which made him special torecognize. Then the problem appeared, that puppy didn’t have any collar whichis supposed to be around any dog or puppy.  The collar is a piece of material that is raped once around thedog’s or puppy’s neck. It can be used for control, identification, or evenfashion.

All dogs that are owned by their owners. Whether pet owner or peoplewho work at animals’ services or at shelter should buy a collar to find theirlost dog by writing the information on the collar. The next few days, my family was busy making advertisement aboutthat lost dog. We pictured him and wrote some information about that puppy thatthe animals’ service gave to us.

The animals’ service didn’t ask us to do so,but we did that as volunteering.  The advertisements were everywhere in the streets for about two weeks.There was no respond from anyone nearby or even far from us.

After that theanimals’ services called us to come. When we arrived they told us that:”The puppy can be adopted by from us as no one come to take him. Wewill provide you with all the essentials and a Guarantee for a year if youadopted him””While we dealt with the dog we found out that the dog can be keptwith you guys if you mind” Then all of a sudden, another worker was passing by and heard ourconversation with the dog services manager said:”That puppy that your kids rescued is talented, smart and followswhat we tell him to do.” After he apologized for interrupting.