It was early in the morning

t was early in the morning on Sunday the 21st of March I woke and was getting ready for a big day. It was my brothers reception we had planned this for a long time it all started good because we were on time leaving the house because it was in Birmingham. We got there at about 1 o’clock we got dressed at my cousins house we met my other cousins there as well as all of us the kids were getting ready first we were told to go to the hall to set up the chairs, tables and to put some decorations up. On the way to the hall we got lost we didn’t know exactly where it was but in the end we got there just in time. The hall was huge it could fit a lot of people. As people started to arrive just after we were finished with the tables and decorations. When everyone had arrived we were missing the music group we had called for the party!

My uncle felt really guilty because he had recommended them for us. It was getting late and they still hadn’t come.

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We had arranged that my brother would come in when the music group played an entrance song for them and until they didn’t come my brother couldn’t. So we were in a bad situation it was getting real late until they came. Well they were very sorry for them being late the guy was offering to do it for free and my uncle was very upset with them. Then my brother came with my sister-in-law they sat down on special chairs and then after a few minutes they cut a cake the cameraman was recording the whole event and was taking many pictures. All the families there took pictures with my brother and sister-in-law, me my mum and my dad was the first for the pictures.

After that my two cousins performed a dance for my brother and sister-in-law it was from a famous Indian film. They did well after they had been practicing for a long time.

I was sure the people must have been hungry and so was I. Well I was lucky enough.


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