January believe that I have the skills and

January 5th, 2017


Dr. Selma Yamamoto

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Dear Dr. Yamamoto,


am writing to express my interest in applying for the PGY-1 pharmacy practice residency
at The Queen’s Medical Center. I have had the pleasure to meet with your
current residents at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting, and to learn more about
the residency program. Your program offers many experiences that I look for in
a PGY-1 program, including a wide variety of rotations, administration
experiences, community outreach, and a challenging yet supportive environment
to refine my skills as a clinical pharmacist.


firmly believe that I have the skills and qualities to be a successful resident
at your program – a balance of pharmacy and clinical practice, service, and
leadership. As you can see from my CV, my experience includes a diverse
background in hospital pharmacy at Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital, along with a
range of clinical experience in the community setting across Montana. From
those experiences, I gained an understanding of best clinical practices, how to
provide care for a diverse patient population, and work effectively on
interdisciplinary teams. As a PGY-1 resident, my primary goal is to advance my
clinical knowledge and critical thinking skills in different clinical settings
to provide optimal patient care. At The Queen’s Medical Center, the variety in
rotation opportunities, along with strong mentorship offers a balance of support
and autonomy I seek. After a PGY-1 training, my plan is to pursue a career in
pharmacy and hospital administration. My current areas of interest include
critical care management and organizational administration, as I enjoy the
challenging nature of working as a part of a multidisciplinary team focused on
tackling complex clinical cases.


My long-term career goal is to optimize
healthcare through executive leadership. My administrative experience includes
an MBA degree, and two advanced pharmacy administration rotations. It has been an
honor and incredibly rewarding to lead fellow students on a variety of
projects. While on my administration rotation at Polisano Hospital in Sibiu
Romania, I lead a team of four students in a project to help create and
implement a new medical error reporting system. This experience provided me the
opportunity to cross cultural barriers and help provide a system to improve
patient health. The diverse learning opportunities at The Queen’s Medical Center
appeal to me as they provide the chance to gain more experience in the quality
management of patients as well as more leadership involvement.


Lastly, my dedication to service is
demonstrated through my involvement in Improving Health Among Rural Montana
(IPHARM), organizing bone marrow registry drives, and giving back to my
community. In
my work, I have been an effective and proactive leader; I think this in part
due to the fact that my mentors and experience have taught me key skills: how
to develop a strategy and achievable goals, engage my team, identify clear
milestones and recognize individual and group success. With these skills, I
have made significant contributions to my school and community.


PGY-1 Residency Program at The Queen’s Medical Center will provide me with the
opportunity to further develop my clinical knowledge, critical thinking,
teaching, research, and leadership skills to needed for me to achieve my goal:
to become a well-rounded pharmacist who has the skills to care for my patients
and support my colleagues. I look forward to the opportunity to visit your institution,
and thank you for your consideration of my application.





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