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Javier Busto was born 1949 in Hondarribia, Basque Country, Spain. Busto was a Spanish choral music composer and conductor. Busto trained to be a medical doctor and taught himself music. Busto started a choir of women around the ages of middle to late teens and they were called Kanta Cantemus Korua. Busto also started the Eskifaia Choir in Hondarribia. Busto choirs have won first place awards in France, Italy, Austria, and Germany.  Busto served on choral competitions  in Spain, France, Italy and Japan. Busto served on the jury of composition.  Busto presented his compositions at the Fourth World Symposium on Choral Music in Sydney Australia in 1996. Busto has always lived in the Basque region of Spain In Hondarribia.  Busto’s most famous choral piece is Ave Maria it sold over 120,000 copies.    The first chorale piece I choose is  Ave Maria. I choose this because it was Busto’s most famous one.  Ave Maria is a piece about the Virgin Mary and it is a traditional Catholic prayer.  This piece makes me think of a Mexican church, or an opera. It is very slow. It is very calming. It is sang in high voices. This piece is written for Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass it is a mixed choir. The overall tone of the piece is very slow and calming.  All of Busto’s pieces are written with the back storey of trying to write a song that shows emotion.  Busto said in an interview that, “I always try to emote, for I believe it’s the most important thing. I don’t particularly like mathematical compositions that are too structured, those that are not going to move me or say anything to me. I work to compose things that possess emotion… my goal is to move people—to move myself, to move the singers, to move the conductor who is going to interpret the piece, and to move the audience. I believe this is my life.”  Ave Maria was written in English the first time. In conclusion I thought all of Javier Busto pieces were slow and calming. I do not like it very much because I like music that is fast and loud. Here is Busto’s website http://bustovega.com/english/.Sources pagehttp://www.chicagochorale.org/javier-busto/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WD4ZiPR35VUhttp://www.singers.com/search/choral/


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