Journey to the Blue Moon
What are the words on the flat plastic token that Lulu gave to Alex?
What does Alex encounter outside behind the garage?
What does the lady (Lulu) that Alex meets at the library remind him of?
White rabbit in Alice in Wonderland
Where does Alex travel with the rats?
The Moon
What is the lost object that Alex is looking for?
A pocket watch
What color does the moon have to be for searchers to reclaim their lost items?
Who lost his way?
Simon Nash
What phrase does the toll collector repeat?
“Willful waste, makes woeful want.”
What do Time Eaters do?
“They eat time, your time…..until there isn’t any of it left. And then nothing is left of you either.”
Why does Alex loan his watch to Simon?
Simon must remain on the moon and time the years between his lifetime and Miss Mumsley’s until he can rejoin her on Earth.