kappa delta test
Kappa Delta Purpose
the purpose is to promote true friendship among the college girls of our country by inculcating into their hearts and lives those principles of truth, of honor, of duty, without which there can be no true friendship
Our purpose was written over 100 years ago. describe in your own words what it means to you today
Write the Kappa Delta Object
the object of Kappa Delta Sorority is the formation and perpetuation of good fellowship, friendship, and sisterly love among its members; the encouragement of literature ad education; the promotion of social interest; and the futherance of charitable and benevolent purposes
Our object was written over over 100 years ago.

What does it mean to you today?

Write the Kappa Delta creed
May we, sisters in Kappa Delta strive each day to seek more earnestly the honorable and beautiful. May we each day through love of those within our circle, learn to know and understand better those without our circle. May the diamond shield that guards our love find us each day Truer, Wiser, More Faithful, More Loving, and More Noble.

How will you strive to live our Creed?

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Complete the Vision statement of Kappa Delta Sorority…
Kappa Delta Sorority is committed to providing opportunties and experiences that INSPIRE WOMEN TO GREATNESS
Mission statement
Kappa Delta Sorority is a national organization for women committed to: Inspiring our members to reach their full potential; preparing our member for community service, active leadership, and responsible citizenship; zCreating oppurtunties for lifetime involvement through innovation and responsive programs, and strategic collaborations partnerships; and Fostering the development of our time-honored values within the context of friendship
What are the 3 branches of Kappa Delta’s confidence emphasis?
Encouraging Confidence in Chapter Members Celebrating Confidence in WomenEncouraging Confidence on Campus and in Communities
As a national organization, all of Kappa Delta’s programs and initiatives are linked to the issue of _______ in women
What does our Open Motto Ta Kala Diokomen stand for?
Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest.
Today, Kappa Deltas are still guided by the vision of the sorority’s Founders developed more than 100 years ago. To them, the whole point of Kappa Delta was to help women become their best selves through the power of friendship. Personal and group excellence is still Kappa Delta’s theme.

Collectively, every Kappa Delta chapter and alumnae chapter is expected to focus its energies and efforts on achieving and maintaining a positive reputation on its campus or in its community. This is the underlying premise for Chapter Excellence, Kappa Delta’s map for success.What are the five areas of concentration that make up Chapter Excellence?

1. Academic Excellence 2.

Leadership 3. Membership4. Philanthropy5. Social Success

Preparing our members for community service, active leadership, and responsible citizenshipIn 1921, Kappa Delta adopted its first national philanthropy, the Children’s Hospital in Richmond, Virginia, establishing the idea that an altruistic endeavor was a manifestation of the Sorority’s highest ideals. Twenty-nine years later, Kappa Delta established the Kappa Delta Orthopaedic Research Awards recognizing outstanding research in orthopaedics. These first two philanthropies were reflective of the times when the threat of polio was a societal issue. As times and issues changed, Kappa Delta shifted its philanthropic emphasis to reflect the needs of the community. To this day, Kappa Delta holds its philanthropic work in the highest regard.

In addition to the two historic philanthropies, what are Kappa Delta’s two main national philanthropies that we support with contributions of time and money?
1. Prevent Child Abuse America2. Girl Scouts of the USA
Why are our two main national philanthropies selected?
In the 1980’s, Kappa Delta adopted PCAA to help with issues of child abuse and neglect.In the 1990’s, KD was the first NPC group to form a collaboration with Girl Scouts of the USA to help with leadership and self-development
What activities would you like to see your chapter do with these two groups?
Leadership is an important focus of Kappa Delta Sorority, which is why the Sorority provides members a number of opportunities to develop their leadership skills.

Name two ways you would like to show leadership in the chapter or on campus.

What are the two national holidays that Kappa Delta created for women and girls?
International Girls’ Day, International Women’s Friendship Month
Membership in Kappa Delta is for a ________
What are two forms of print and electronic communication Kappa Delta uses to communicate with collegians and alumnae?
KappaDeltaSorority.org, national websiteIn KD and BeyondThe AngelosKD ConnectKD Edge
When you are initiated into Kappa Delta, you are a member for life. List three ways that you can keep your Kappa Delta experience going after you have graduated.
In addition to our national philanthropies and national holidays created by Kappa Delta, name two national partnerships and/or programs Kappa Delta works with or has established.
Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, The White House Project, Girls on the Run, National Charity League, Inc.Check out the Confidence Coalition website for the entire list!
Kappa Delta’s values are the central core around which we center our organization’s operations.

Committing to our values means inspiring each and every member to become a woman of greatness. The G-R-E-A-T in “Live GREAT” serves as an acronym to remind of the values we share as Kappa Deltas. What are these 5 values?

Growth through lifetime learningResponsibility for your own integrity and ethical actionsEngagement in social and civic interestsAltruistic service to othersTruth and loyalty to each other
As a new member starting your journey in Kappa Delta, describe in your own words what Live GREAT means to you.
Kappa Delta has always maintained a strong “zero tolerance” policy against hazing and the demeaning of any individual. Hazing is any activity, actin taken or situation created, whether on or off sorority premises, that has the reasonable potential to produce mental, emotional, or physical discomfort; embarrassment; harassment; or ridicule. Such action need not be maliciously intended in order to be hazing.

What happens to a new member who allows herself to be hazed?
What happens to any member who individually hazes?
What happens to any chapter which knowingly allows hazing to occur as an acceptable part of the new member education program?
If the situation warrants, stronger disciplinary action may be imposed at the discretion of whom?
What is the date of Kappa Delta’s founding?
October 23, 1897
What is the current name of the school where Kappa Delta was founded and in what city and state is it located?
Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia
Name the four founding members of Kappa Delta Sorority (full names–maiden and married).
Lenora Ashmore BlackistonJulia Gardiner Tyler WilsonSara Turner WhiteMary Sommerville Sparks Hendrick
Kappa Delta is a not-for-profit corporation governed by a national council composed of six officers and an Executive Director and NPC Delegate. These eight women are held accountable for the overall management of the sorority. What are these eight positions and who occupies them?
National President–Beth Martin LangfordNational Vice President–Betty Brown MulkeyNational VP-Membership–Alison Jakes ArgersingerNational VP-Collegians–Jody Jenkins CorryNational VP-Alumnae–Tricia Ruma SpenceNational VP-Finance–Cheryl Grant SizerNPC Delegate–Julie Landgren JohnsonExecutive Director–Pamela Nix Elms
In 1925, Kappa Delta recognized the need for a national headquarters of the Sorority and established a one-employee operation in Indianapolis, Indiana. many years and four cities later, Kappa Delta Sorority and Kappa Delta Foundation moved into our headquarters building which houses the offices of the sorority and Foundation, a national Kappa Delta museum, and a training/education center. Kappa Delta National Headquarters is located at:
3205 Players Lane in Memphis, TN
When was your chapter installed (month, day, year)?
November 16, 1996
What is our flower?
white rose
What is our jewels?
emerald, diamond and pearl
What are our colors?
Olive green and pearl white
What are our mascots/ symbols?
Nautilus shell, katydid, teddy bear and dagger
What are the two benefits the Kappa Delta Foundation provides collegians and alumnae?
Scholarships, leadership conferences, community service awards, internships(More than $110,000 in graduate and undergraduate scholarships to Kappa Delta sisters each year. Four national and regional leadership seminars each year.$25,000 in KiDsGrants to Kappa Delta alumnae associations to form partnerships with local non-profit children’s agencies.Collegiate Community Service Awards to honor and recognize Kappa Delta collegians for outstanding involvement in the community.)
What would you like to see the Kappa Delta Foundation provide you?