Knowledge upgrade their business function and operation. The

Knowledge is one of the essential assets in any
organization these days including Government Research Institute in Selangor. The
implementation of knowledge management can help improve the organisation’s operation and services. Knowledge is often defined as a justified
personal belief. The most major qualification is amongst tacit and explicit
knowledge where tacit knowledge is about the experiences of the person who have
knowledge where people share the knowledge to another by verbalizing it.
Explicit knowledge is documented information where it exists as words,
sentences, reports, sorted out information, PC programs and in other express

Successful implementation of knowledge management requires a reasonable identification
of the business issue to be explained and an arrangement of the knowledge
management project with global business ideas. Through KM, organizations need
to obtain beneficial knowledge and to make it accessible to the individuals who
can utilize it at once and place that is suitable for them to accomplish most effective
usage to completely impact organizational performance. It is usually believed that
if an organization can expand its effective knowledge operation by just a
little rate, incredible advantages will come about.

Figure1: KM in an organization

Knowledge management is a strategic, organized way to deal with the
creation, sharing gathering and utilizing of information as a hierarchical
resource, to upgrade an organization’s capacity, speed and viability in
conveying items or administrations for the advantage of customers, in
accordance with its business procedure. Knowledge management takes place on
three levels which is the individual level, team level and organizational
level. It is a holistic solution incorporating an assortment of points of view which
is people, process, culture and infrastructure or technology perspectives.
Else, knowledge management is an approach that numerous business organizations
receive to upgrade their business function and operation.

The implementation of
knowledge management in an organisation tolerates enhancement of the speed of
data and information timeliness, product
and service dynamics and the expanded globalization of yield (Greiner et al., 2007). Previous studies have
expressed that the procedure of
knowledge management implementation is impacted by HR, IT and knowledge management practice. in order to
be creative and innovative, an organization need to focus on the technology, people
and practices required for its implementation (Chong, 2006).

There are many
general obstructions that need to go through in order for knowledge management
implementation to be successful. These obstructions contain perspectives of the
sense of knowledge management and its execution in an organization,
hierarchical culture, shared comprehension of knowledge management and
constrained purchase in from top administration or supporting staff (Plessis
and Boon, 2004, Lang, 2001). Moreover, low retention rates of staff because of
new chances emerging in the market, make a high abrasion rate in most first
world nations (Lindsey, 2006).

The other reasons
including the implementation cost (McCann and Buckner, 2004), the role of
innovation and staff ability levels, organization administration style, client
acknowledgment and role of understanding basic learning to keep (McCann and
Buckner, 2004). Understanding what these obstructions are imperative to
recognize regions of shortcoming that a knowledge management program may have
forthright. Along these lines, organization can handle the issues and try to
assemble components to conquer them before the implementation.

In conclusion,
many organization finally realize that they need to become knowledge-based
organisations to work effectively and successfully. Therefore, a few of
organization know and fully understand the importance of knowledge management
and how to continue by implementing knowledge management in their organization.








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